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       This page is deticated to giving the author of our favorite books a thanks. Visitors and members alike can add their thanks and explain how Xanth and all of Piers Anthonys books have changed their lives. You dont have to be a member to write your thanks, but if you are one please sign in before writing your part.

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You do not have to be a member to add your thanks

The Letter So Far:

Dear Mr. Anthony,
      "Just want to say thanks for all of your terrific writing (including all the non-Xanth books). You've given me entertainment that can be read over and again without losing any of the thrill. You are truely a sorcerer destined for a position among the Immortals.
Can't thank you enough." writes Scott Hnatowicz-Warner, remembering a favorite book.
      Trojan writes these words, "Letter 1
Mr. Anthony? I love your Xanth books. I haven't read any of your others, just XANTH! I love Xanth. I somethymes (always) wish i could be in the books, or meet a character, or at least a character model! Overall, Xanth has so far made a big dent in my small life, and that dent isn't a bad one. I love all your books.

Letter 2
I have an idea for a character. If you haven't already used the name, that is. Charlie/Charles centaur. I just realised that I might just be another crazed fan that really wants to be in Xanth. So you don't NEED to put Charlie in. But if you decide to, his talent is to make dolls become animated or inanimate. Not exactly like Grundy, more like action figures. Thank you, Good Bye.

~~~~Charlie Centaur

Letter 3
You have written so many books, I don't know the order. Now I have paid the price for reading two stories, one on the weekends, one on the week.

1. Aw, Umalt isn't real. Too bad.
2. I keep thinking Cube is going to castle roogna and Umalt has the magic pouch! Darnit!
~~~~Charlie Centaur"
      "Thanks Mr. Anthony.. Loved the Xanth books as a child!!" writes Ansley.
      Remembering time spent reading about Xanth, Cortastrophe writes, "Mr. Anthony, I've spent many a day coming up with puns, characters, and talents to send off to you, but I've always decided not to bother you in respect for your work. I first snatched "Castle Roogna" as it sat on my dad's desk in my fourth grade summer. I read the first chapter, and after realizing that I had no idea what was going on, I demanded that my father relinquish his entire collected series to me, which he grudgingly did. Now, in my sophomore year of high school, I have delightfully collected your entire Xanth series so far, the entire Incarnations of Immortality series, and the entire Apprentice Adept series. When I was younger, I read somewhat spuriously, darting from the then-popular Harry Potters to the widely unknown Animorphs, but never finding anything that was really enthralling. After reading my dad's copy of "A Spell for Chameleon" three times (thymes?), cover to cover, I was an unstoppable Xanth-reading annoyance to everyone around me. My teachers were, at first, angry because I'd rather read about Xanth than listen to their lectures, but, as I introduced them to the series (and took a fun little "I-bet'cha-haven't-been-paying-attention" test) they came to accept that my Piers Anthony books would be constantly present in the classroom, which I took to be a minor victory against those close-minded Mundanes.
As I went through my middle school years, many a tragedy befell my family in the form of accidents and losses. My most distinct memory of those times is when I snatched up my new copy of "Isle of View" so I could escape the anxiety and harshness of Mundania. Now, in high school, my backpack is crammed with books, half of them Manga (japanese comics), and half of them Xanth. For Almost as long as I've been an avid reader, I've been an avid reader of your books. Your writing style is amazing, and oftentimes I find myself aloof to the loud things around me, feeling as if I've been sent along with the Xanthians on their Quests. Thank you for all the adventure, comedy, inspiration, understanding, hope, and puns you;ve given me over the years, and I hope there are many more of those years to come."
      "Thank you so much for many, many hours of fun. I have read all the Xanth novels 3 times. My son hated reading, but had to do it during the summer holidays. I gave him a Xanth book and now he has read all of them and in the process learned the joy of reading. My world would be poorer without your imagination!" writes Rocn_robyn, remembering a favorite book.
      Jewel writes these words, "I started reading your books in the eighth grade when I happened upon Centaur Isle in my classroom, and since then I've been hooked. Thank you for creating this brilliant and original series, though I do have a few grumbles about the way vampires are represented in Castle Roogna. Your work is incredibly imaginative and there are almost no continuity errors."
      "I have been reading your novels for over a decade, being first introduced by a friend who had Castle Roogna on their windowsil, which I stole from them. I was entranced by your writing: how vividly you could describe something so amazing and bring life to imaginary people and situations. Everything seemed to make sense and have a proper fit within its own span of time. Since that first novel, I have strove to find and collect as many of your publications as possible, including all the Xanth series, the Incarnation series, and Adept series, as well as being a very proud owner of your Bio. Though I never pursued being a writer(much to my own dismay), your writing inspried me all through my life, in all forms of my own writing. For that, I am eternally grateful to you, sir." writes Sat(u/r)n.
      Remembering time spent reading about Xanth, Gwendolynn writes, "I've recently started reading your books and now im addicted. A couple days ago i went on ebay to find some of your books but i cant find the whole xanth series which makes me mad...but untill ifind it ill have to keep borrowing them from lie-berries all over new york.
keep writing-cuz ur good at it!!! =) =P (="
      "When I was younger, probably close to eight years old, my dad was reading one of your novels and I was curious, so I read it after him. That book was Harpy Thyme. Ever since then, I have been reading your books and I love them. I would find myself laughing in class during some of the books and of course people wanted to know what was so funny! Your books got me through some tough times, just in growing up and I still love them. I have re-read many, but am still working on reading, and owning, them all. Thank you." writes Nataru, remembering a favorite book.
      Clio writes these words, "I really love the Xanth books. When my father convinced me to start reading them I was a bit annoyed but now I'm totally stuck. I've gotten to know the land and the characters so good through the books that it almost feels like coming home when I start reading a new one. You rule in making books!!!!"
      "(write your thanks here)i'd just like to thank you for so many fun, and exciting novels, i've read all your books and look forward to reading more of them. i reside in the small town of havana, florida, and its nice to getaway in a good fantasy. i imagine that i'm actually there when i'm reading. demetria is my favorite character from the series, i think of myself as a sexy demon." writes Jenny.
      Remembering time spent reading about Xanth, Andrew writes, "Dear Mr. Anthony. I often day dream about sending you a letter, but by reading your author's notes in the Incarnations of Immortality, I felt it would be rude of me to bother you. Well, now I can finally tell you all that I wanted. You are my favorite author, the first book series I ever completed was Incarnations of Immortality. I am now working my way through the Xanth series, just to see what all the fuss was about. Well, I must thank you,Incarnations has gotten me mostly through high school, considering I read a few of them each year, finishing the last yesterday. Your books are also getting me through my grandma being in the hospital. You see, she had an anerism(pardon my spelling if it s wrong) and is very lucky to be alive. Once again, thank you so much for the gifts you have given me and the rest of your readers, you keep writing them, I'll keep reading them even after you are done.
-Andrew Bailey, March 15"
      "Tamara a thanks for giving hope...:)" writes , remembering a favorite book.
      bkat~Kyrvin writes these words, "Dear Piers Anthony,

God, do I love your books! I'm a bit annoyed because I read A Spell
For Chameleon and Source of Magic, plus Castle Roogna by using the
advantages of my mom's and dad's bookstore! But I saw Centaur Isle and
didn't grab it before it got sold (or maybe it's just hidden away in storage
while we close for the winter) but anyways I regret it so much! I can't
find another copy anywhere! I just skipped to the next Xanth book I
could find and continued on in the 'teens! I loved all your books and the
puns in them! Although I'm off on vacation for six months and I've
forgotten the exact titles, I repeatedly reread and read again A Spell For

My dad used to call me Binky after the name Bink (he's still my
favorite character) but I hadn't even known your books existed then. Then I
discovered A Spell For Chameleon and found "Bink" and got hooked on
your books. Like most other things, he thought I would not grow up to like
them and sold all your books, and I wish he hadn't! Now I'm on a
three-year hunt for Centaur Isle and can't wait until I can get my hands on
your next book!"
      "When I was 9, I was diagnosed with cancer and while I was in the hospital, I got some books from a nurse. The first 4 of your books were included, and ever since then, I've been hooked! I love all of the puns and sometimes think for hours on end for ones that I can use. XANTH BOOKS RULE!" writes Laugha_bull.
      Remembering time spent reading about Xanth, Evan (-E!) writes, "Oh man...When I was a kid and read the Xanth novels, my family decided to visit our relatives in Florida...I spent that ENTIRE vacation attempting to hunt down both Piers AND Xanth. Many a phone directory was slaughtered during that vacation. I also have incredible memories of Through The Ice (My first favorite book), and Total Recall. Piers, thank you."
      "At first, i was just reading the first xanth book cause i was waiting for another book series to come out with the next book and i needed another few books to read. After i read the first one, i searched to see if you had a second. After reading the third one, I looked around the web to see how many you had written, and then i realized your 27th book had just come out. I made myself a promise i would finish all of them by the end of that school year. I drove my family crazy dragging them out to the book store but i did it. Soon afterward your 28th book came out and i was soooooo happy. Keep writing the xanth books please. their absolutely amazing. I don't think i've ever read the other book i was waiting for in the beginning, and i know it would never compare to your books. I'm always seeing things in the mundane world that remind me of xanth and all of your puns. keep up the good work and thank you for making the mundane world a little less mundane." writes Robster639, remembering a favorite book.
      Kirsybuu writes these words, "Thank you, Peirs. I have enjoyed all your Xanth books that I have read, which is everything up to Harpy Thyme. I'll catch up to you sooner or later. You truly are one of the best writers out there. Well, I'm off to read Geis of The Gargoyle now!"
      "(Many years in service of the Christ King)Mr.Anthony after I read Man from Mundania I knew I had entered into a love affair with Xanth. Xanth is place I dreamed of living. Thank you for making each person and their talent individual and original. Thank you for Xanth" writes Jason.
      Remembering time spent reading about Xanth, Warbard aka David writes, "In 1988 a coworker introduced me to a spell for a woman, both pretty and ugly. Actually it was your first Xanth novel. Oddly the spell worked on me, a man. I've been compelled since that day to read all your Xanth novels. Even when the spell was abolished during the time of no magic I was unaware and kept reading to this day (with breaks of course). Keep up the magic."
      "My mother bought me the first three books as a hardbound anthology, and my best friend bought me the second three also as a hardbound anthology... I've been hooked ever since!" writes Steven, remembering a favorite book.
      April writes these words, "thank you so so much, Mr. Anthony! your books are one of my favorite seriers. I read them so much, my copies are almost falling apart. thank you, thank you, thank you!"
      "Your writing has brightened the field of SciFi/Fantasy. I am much in awe over your writing. You are clever beyond any other author I have seen." writes Tubamaster.
      Remembering time spent reading about Xanth, Mindyloo writes, "I first read the book that came with Companions of Xanth, Demons Dont Dream, and I recently found Pet Peeve at the library. It made me think of this game. I love them all, they keep me young at heart. Thanks!"
      "hey... Thanks." writes Luvicas, remembering a favorite book.
      Mar-iha writes these words, "(write your thanks here)Mr Piers, Ah its seems like only 5 years ago my english teacher actually made us pick up a book and read something for the required reading time at school... One day i picked faun and games up and it was great, I read all the books she had on the shelf after that. When i finished those I began reading everything. Then one day I was taking a stroll in a book store and I saw in bg letters Xanth! And i rememebred my love for these books, i have all the books now in my mini library, so I would like to say thank you for re awakening my love for reading all books, especially inviting us to your world of Xanth! Thanks Man!"
      "Much much thanks from me. One day a few years ago (was it really 6?) I was bored and so I scowered the house for a book I hadn't read, and I found "A Spell for Chameleon". Now I'm hooked and own the first 17 books! ^_^ If I had to go too a deserted (desserted :-P) island and could only bring one book series, it would be Xanth, no question. Thank you!" writes Kelsie_human.
      Remembering time spent reading about Xanth, Green!!! writes, "i only started reading the seris but im buyin them now!!!t/y"
      "This is one series that I enjoy continueally. It is not only enjoyable but it often requires a great deal of thinking to keep track of plot twists and of course, the puns. I hope that there will be even more Xanth books in the future." writes William, remembering a favorite book.
      jesspark writes these words, "For many years of entertainment (and a new appreciation of puns!), this former resident of North Village would like to thank you. =)

      "Mr. Anthony, I come before you with a humble heart, thanking you for years of entertainment by your words. It's because you wrote so many enthralling stories that I began reading a new novel every week. I head to the local library daily, as there are no bookstores within a 40 mile radius, and look for any of your books that I have not read, and I'm proud to say I haven't found any. Thank you for all of your hard work, and I sincerely hope to read the same stories to my own children one day." writes Trust.
      Remembering time spent reading about Xanth, Alpha centari writes, "hey piers anthony this is my favorite series of books i hve ever read wich is a lot and i also like the visual encyclopedia.
from Alpha centari"
      "Mr. Anthony,
i think that your books are amazing. i read centaur isle first and i couldnt stop reading the rest of them. im tryin to go in order. right now im reading night mare. thank you a lot. these books have evertyhing i like in them. i also like the way you use things literally like night mare and how they deliver bad dreams. if i could make a suggestion i think that you should try to make your books into movies. especially centaur isle which i think is a very very good book." writes Draking, remembering a favorite book.
      Holtzclaw83 writes these words, "thanks guy"
      "Alas, I am a newcomer. I have only read the first book, and I have fallen in love. My good friend has agreed to let me borrow her entire collection, and I cannot wait. Mr. Anthony, I would like to thank you dearly for creating such a beautiful and addictive series. Please write them forever, ^-^" writes Erik.
      Remembering time spent reading about Xanth, Lifree writes, "Good Sir,
I started reading your works well over 20 years ago, then hit a lull for about 1&1/2 decades. Now I have re-discovered them and they are the ultimate in relaxation therapy. My daily commute is 4 hours on public/state transportation and they really do make time fly.
Again Thanks for your time and workmanship."
      "Dear Piers Anthony, I have been reading your books for along time I have now started reading them to me children and have gotten my nephews to read them. It is easy to get kids to read good books. Thank you for writing good books." writes Myralrose, remembering a favorite book.
      Your_luvin_teddy_bear writes these words, "(write your thanks here)dear mr anthony- i do not know if i fit the regular demographic for readers- however several years ago- i was blessed with a copy of night mare- i told a pen pal about this wonderful author and series i found- she responded by telling me that it was a must that i read them in order- and thus so far i have.incidentally i also LOVE the apprentice adept "trilogy". mr anthony sir you are truely a gift to the world of fantasy. thank you so very much"
      "To Piers Anthony:

I thank you so much for your Xanth books. They are my life at school, I've nearly exhausted the library's supplies of books, and I even made up a new word in favour of Xanth - Puntastic. Instead of reading other, tiny little short midget books, I read Xanth. On the weekends, I sit in my chair next to my computer and I read. I'm twelve years old, in grade 7, and I don't think I'd survive without the puntastic punny world of Xanth by my side. Thank you SO much for making these books, all of us love them, and I will read them all until I attend the fade-out party." writes Jenny elf.
      Remembering time spent reading about Xanth, Blucamelia_kt88 writes, "The first ever xanth book i got was "Zombie Lover" in an old antique bookshop. It was worn n used , until now i just dont know what made me bought it. It might have been the synopsis or the interesting book cover..who knows, But,i'll never regret it in my lasting life. That was the book that sent me hunting for more of Piers Anthony books like The Apprentice Adapt, Incarnations of Immortality Series and so many more.The books took me to a world full of fantasy and unbelievable things , and advanture i've never before dreamed off.. I used to think that fantasy books were a waste of time and only suitable for kids...That's what got me to opened my mind towards fantasy books..It's actually a challenge on how far your mind uses imagination.. And since then,i have learned never to shunned down any fantasy book...And Mr Piers Anthony, i thank you for writing such wonderfull,exciting books...i'm just speechless... The rest off the fans who post out their thank you notes are way far better than me in showing their appreciation... I would just like to add to the fans that..it's not true that our world is like dreaded Mundania.. If you look really carefully..you will find Xanth starring right infront of you.. Its people and authors like Mr Piers Anthony who frequently remind us of that particular place that everyone's able to visit and see... You just need the effort to find it and believe it, in all your heart.... Sincerely forever a Fan of Piers Anthony and many great authors, Blu KT XXX"
      "I had started to loose interest in reading when I found my copy of "A Spell For Chameleon". Since then I have been unable to put down a single book. Of all the series I am only missing 3. I just want to say thank you for renewing my interest in reading." writes Gangrelangel, remembering a favorite book.
      Craig Lloyd writes these words, "I've been reading your books since 7th grade and they've helped shape me during my adolescent years. Thank you ever so much."
      "(write your thanks here)
Mr. Anthony, my bookshelf at my house is filled with every single Xanth book published to date. The first full-length book I ever read was Demons Don't Dream (I received it with the Companions of Xanth), and I remember reading it at the doctor's office when I was 8, and making friends with the lady who worked at the counter, AND the doctor herself. Obviously, I can appreciate the humour of the books more now, but your Xanth series was what actually hooked me on the fantasy genre itself. Thank you for providing the world with a beautiful, funny, charming place we all hope to visit someday." writes Alliskin.
      Remembering time spent reading about Xanth, Logan Castonguay writes, "Many thanks, Mr. Anthony. I am a devout fan of Xanth, as well as the Incarnations of Immortality and the Apprentice Adept series. It's been good reading about 20 of your Xanth books, and I hope to read more soon!"
      "I come for the computer game, I stay for the funky blokes in the top-left." writes Essentialatom, remembering a favorite book.
      Cecelya writes these words, "Thank you so much for writing these wonderful books, they kept me going through the tough years in my life. They gave me a wonderful place to escape to."
      "Thank you for helping me to discover fantasy again. Your books helped me to realize that my imagination is a pretty awesome place." writes Rosethorn.
      Remembering time spent reading about Xanth, Xien dark writes, "thank you for all of your hard work. your books inspire me, and let me live in this mundane world full of hipoccracy and blackmail. in Xanth love is forever as well as marriage. there is no need to worry about hunger only the occasional dragon or oger. so thank you for this great series of books."
      "I'd like to thank you for beginning the Xanth series... I've written you before and let you know that you were the one who inspired me to begin writing, and so I've joined this fan page. I can't wait for the new books to come out. Thanks." writes Wicked wiles_layea, remembering a favorite book.
      Anya writes these words, "Dear Mr Anthony,

Thank you for creating this amazing series. I can't wait to read your next book. My mom made me read them all this year, and now I'm hooked. It takes a great author to get that reaction from me!"
      "I absolutely love "Demons Don't Dream." Thanks." writes nutmegsoulkiss.
      Remembering time spent reading about Xanth, Richard writes, "Dear Mr Anthony
My friend thought I would like Xanth. So I got spell for chameleon. With in a month I have read all but four of Xanth novels. Thank you for sharing your world."
      "Dear Mr anthony, I happened across your books by accident a few months ago and now i am completely hooked i have to phisically pull my self away from the books to do my chores thank u so much for giving me a new life." writes elerin, remembering a favorite book.
      Xiaki writes these words, "I started reading your books in 5th grade and the huge number of puns have helped me become more sophisticated (believe it or not) and more understanding and open minded of today's culture."
      "I have read and lived every Xanth book out there. Thank you for giving me a wonderful place to live besides the drear Mundania." writes Llchrista01.
      Remembering time spent reading about Xanth, Lavender elf writes, "thank you Mr.Anthony I love your books they are excellent they are the best books I ever read!"
      "Thank you Piers Anthony, without you i would never even began to read books beyond sesame street." writes Bneney7, remembering a favorite book.
      Cian ide writes these words, "With-out you I would have never been the person I am today. Than-you."
      "Mr. Anthony,
Thank you for all the wonderful stories. Without your books, I probably wouldn't be reading fantasy today." writes Imogenery.
      Remembering time spent reading about Xanth, Darcyjamieson writes, "Thanks for getting me started into the magical world of literature and creative expression. I have been following the series since I was 13 when A Spell for Chameleon was the first novel I read (borrowed from my brother). I still enjoy to zip away from Mundania to read the magic between the pages and within the lines of your work. I am still always anxiously awaiting the next adventure..."
      "Thank you for bringing the magic of your writing into my life. I have read most of your works, and am looking forward to reading the rest. I started with Xanth, and that lead me into the Adept series, Tarot, Bio of a Space Tyrant etc, etc. I have learned much from your books, and your author's notes, and hope my children can learn some of the same lessons as they grow older also. Thank you for 20 plus years of enjoyment." writes Milton918, remembering a favorite book.
      Xaqija human writes these words, "Without you, we'd be stuck in the Time Of No Magic again, and we all know how horrible that was."
      "I would love to thank you so much. It is because of Xanth that I kept a happy outlook through my treatment for childhood leukemia. I read all of the Xanth books, more than once in almost all cases, and still want to re-read them. They helped me get out of the boredom of the hospital room, and into a land where things actaully turned out good for good people. Thankfully I am now a survivor of cancer, and off to Hillsdale College. Now I wish I had more free time to read Xanth, and immerse myself in that world, I have only been able to read three of them since I got here, but they help the stress of college. To get back to point, I just want to say thanks, and that I hope you never stop writing Xanth, they do so much good for so many people. Thank you. -A loyal reader, Lindsey-" writes Deganu.
      Remembering time spent reading about Xanth, Aric writes, "Thanks for a good book. I have only read the first two and am now starting on the third but it has been the most enjoyable time spent reading so far."
      "Run away with me!" writes Bokalimali, remembering a favorite book.
      A.Hood writes these words, "One of the best series I have read."
      "You rock!" writes Qwerty.
      Remembering time spent reading about Xanth, Morag writes, "I have just recently begun to place myself in the marvelous realm you've created. On the urge of a friend I bought your books and after reading just one, bought the entire series thus far. The books capture the reader in a way that is absent from most writers, and each story has a unique and favorable plot. The marvelous use of the puns makes one laugh, and enjoy it ever more. The flame that you have created will never burn out. I want to say thank you for writing such an amazing series that we can indulge ourselves in. I hope you continue writing, thanks for such a great world."
      "I think all the books written by piers anthony are brilliant and i have read every one up-to-date!!!!
you are a brill author--keep up the good work" writes Safria, remembering a favorite book.
      Arkion writes these words, "Thank you for all of your wonderful books. They are my favorite, and I own them all, so far. I love all the charaters, puns, and the magical land. Whenever I read one of your books, it becomes more of a movie, than mere text, it's almost like I am there."
      "I just read Harpy Thyme, and I must say that it was an enjoyable book--I laughed all the time. Your use of puns is brilliant and they flow throughtout the story with a natural ease and skill. Immersing oneself in the world of Xanth is a great way to leave the cares of Mundania behind." writes Zazoo.
      Remembering time spent reading about Xanth, Moogie writes, "Thanks for the awesome novels, and keeping all the fans involved. It's great to know that you take your fans' suggestions."
      "Thank you so much for your wonderful books.I hope you keep writing. These books keep my soul going. I am reading Currant Events now. Thanks a lot." writes Babycandy50, remembering a favorite book.
      Jlsheldon writes these words, "Many thanks to you for making me forget about my worries and making me smile for over 20 years for me now."
      "Mr. Xanth I like what you did with Sherlock in currant events. I have been a fan for twelve years now every since sophmore year in highschool. after reding my first xanth novel,Man from mundaniandania i wanted to leave myself and discover my own magic talent. I have emailed you ideas i thought would be great in a story but to no avail, thats okay I am greatful for the chance. God bless you in the use of your talents for His will. thanx" writes Jason floyd.
      Remembering time spent reading about Xanth, Babaloo55555 writes, "Thank you for your contribution to the world of humor. Your books are masterpieces, worthy to be held up as models for clever and witty humor. Your books make me smile. Once again, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you."
      "I LOVE the Xanth books!" writes Halter, remembering a favorite book.
      Gangrel writes these words, "Mr. Anthony,

Thank you for Xanth! I seem to be locked into an ever increasing web of puns and logic (Jumper must be around here, somewhere). I've read so many puns from the Xanth series that I find Xanth leaking into Mundania as I drive down the road. Please continue with the second cubed trilogy! ~Gangrel"
      "I have been a fan of your books for five wonderful years, and they have been helping me get past my tweens... a many thanks to you Mr. Piers Anthony." writes Traiden.
      Remembering time spent reading about Xanth, Lillythe writes, "Thank you. I found Xanth by way of the Macroscope for which I am forever grateful."
      "Thank you Mr Anthony for the Land of Xanth. I have been visiting as often as possible since I was 11 years old. Your books keep Mundania from being too dreary!" writes Fcarter757, remembering a favorite book.
      Pyrojack writes these words, "Thank you for such a great series Mr. Anthony, I first found your books in 2002 when I found "Ogre, Ogre" in a half price book store my first year in college and I couldn't stop reading them."
      "All I can say is thanks for all the great books and the times I have been able to immerse myself in them when I would otherwise have been bored to tears. I really enjoyed the Adept series and hope to see more of the same sort of thing in the future." writes scouterjeff.
      Remembering time spent reading about Xanth, arwen writes, "Thank you so much for writing your amazing books. They are so fantastic, they had me hooked from the first page and I have now been sucked into the world of xanth. Thank you!"
      "I absolutely adore "A Spell for Chameleon". I can't wait to read the rest of the Xanth novels! Thank you for creating Xanth! <33" writes Mae, remembering a favorite book.
      Hannah writes these words, "Thank you,now I have something to read to keepme from dieng of boredom"
      "At first, i did not want to read your books. but my mom made me and now i cant stop reading them. She says she has turned me into a monster. I really enjoy your books and i love the series. U have really brightened up my boring old life in mundania, and u r my favoritest author." writes robster639 A HUGE FAN.
      Remembering time spent reading about Xanth, Xyzzyka writes, "Well now, this is embarrassing. I've never actually read any of your books; but I had the Companions of Xanth game when I was a kid, and thought it quite awesome. Had I known all this time that those ubiquitous Piers Anthony books I always see in the bookstore was the source of all that wonderful madness - well, perhaps my life would be different today. As it is, I have no doubt that this early influence on my mental development planted the seeds for my current Douglas Adams fandom. Ahem. Anyway, I'll be sure to read some of yourn books as soon as I get a chance, but for now I'm off to download that game. I'm feeling rather nostalgic... I'm pretty sure I remember how to play... The door is ajar! The door is ajar! Bwahahaha! ...anyway, I remember the winning move, so I'm sure I'll manage."
      "Thanks to you, Mr. Anthony, I have a favorite author. ;P Thank you for being so awesome and for being the lovable, grouchy ogre that you are." writes Mented, remembering a favorite book.
      Slrimmer writes these words, "Thank you Piers Anthony, your books have made my life not so dull."
      "Thank you, thank you thank you for writing the Xanth series! You have brought a lot of joy to your readers!" writes Wryna.
      Remembering time spent reading about Xanth, Xanth22 writes, "Thank you Mr. Anthony! Your Xanth books not only gave me the will to read again, but they also saved my life. After a Close friend of mine passed away I found a book in some of his things called "A Spell for Chameleon". I read it and kept it. Now i own over 20 Xanth books...and though I'm a slow reader I enjoy them highly. Thank you again Sir."
      "Thank so So much Mr Anthony for your wonderful books! Please don't stop sharing your world with us." writes Nena Serene, remembering a favorite book.
      Ydnew2121 writes these words, "Thank you for thinking up such a wonderful world. I can't find the right words to express how much I appreciate the land of Xanth and all its adventures and amazing characters. Isle of view and all your books."
      " Thank you for writing Xanth. It is my favorite series. " writes Dassh.
      Remembering time spent reading about Xanth, Warsong writes, "hey i get through long boring school days with your books they are never drab and always intersting go puns thanks a bunch"
      "Thank you, sir, for giving an extremely bored child something to read throughout the Eighties and Nineties, and on to today. You are a master storyteller and a great person overall. You deserve much more than my simple thanks." writes Arashinogarou, remembering a favorite book.
      Christina Soper writes these words, "I don't want to bore you or waste you're time by writing you too much, so I'll just say I really love Xanth and thankyou for creating something that helped me ignore the bullies."
      "Thank you for the many years of reading pleasure. I have also instilled the love of reading in my daughter (now 26). Whenever I reread (I do this alot) my Xanth novels, people at work always ask me about them and I'm more than happy to share. I love puns!" writes XanthGrrrl.
      Remembering time spent reading about Xanth, aloradannon writes, "Thank you for many, many hours of entertainment."
      "Thank you Mr Anthony for the wonderful world of Xanth!!" writes aurora, remembering a favorite book.
      De. Fault writes these words, "you are the best!"
      "Thank you for the magic." writes Lunatyger.
      Remembering time spent reading about Xanth, Kid_rock writes, "Dear Mr.Anthony; First of all i would like to thank you for the endless hours of pleasure your excellent books have provided.Truly,you have considerably lessened the burden of "dreary mundania" from my shoulders.I used to write under the name of John Cena before,but for some reason i was deleted when the site crashed.I loved your books so much,that after a long time i find myself drawn to the website that offers me a glimpse of the fantastic world you created.I m poor and live in india,so am not in a position to buy your books,i read on hire from a friend.But whenever i read them,i feel as if i m reading about myself.The characters are brought out very beautifully.My final thought is this:-May Allah give you a long life,and may you give us a lifetime of godd books to read.I want to be an author myself,but i know however hard i try,i wont be as good as you.Hope you get even more successes in life. your enthralled fan; Majid. "
      "Thank you for brightening up my dreary existance with your books. Normally I end up laughing so hard that I cannot remember what I have read soon after I finish it, and end up reading the books I purchase or borrow many times insteadof just once. I'm currently looking for a replacement copy of Faun and Games since my dogs destroyed the first one I had. I wanted to dismember them for it, but since it happened in NoRemember I had to let it pass. (cue rimshot) Anyways, I only have to say one last thing, more books please!" writes Xanaphia, remembering a favorite book.
      Missmelanie67 writes these words, "xanth books are wonderful!!! can"t wait for the next one."
      "The Xanth novels are awesome! I love your wit and look forward to reading more of your books!! Thanks so much for creating such an interesting world!" writes Angelin44.
      Remembering time spent reading about Xanth, D.metria writes, "You ROCK Mr. Anthony. I thank you for the privalege of reading your marvelous books.I can't wait until they begin releasing them to film. I have been reding your books since I was around 15, and still read and enjoy them now at 25. My first book was Harpsy Thyme, and I have read a great number since then. I have also read a few of your Incarnations books, which are also fabulous. You are an extraordinary author, and I look forward to morreXanth books to come. "
      "I am more then over joyed that I have the previledge to find the muses documnets that have somehow found thier way here to mudaina for me to read." writes Rhomba, remembering a favorite book.
      Naed naga writes these words, "I am 13 and an avid reader of your books. My mom told me about them and ever since, I have been reading your books as much as I can. Every night I lay in bed and think of new magic talents,it helps me sleep. I have read all but 2 of them and I hope for more. Thank you for all your awsome work! You rule! P.S. How is Jenny doing?"
      "Thanks so much for your wonderful books and characters which are truly hilarious and are so much fun to pass the time with!" writes Oosquai.
      Remembering time spent reading about Xanth, Dolph007 writes, "I love you're books. I frantically read them to get to the next one. Without the Xanth books, my life would be very dull."
      "I've always loved the books, right from the first page of A Spell for Chameleon all the way to Cube Route(which I might add that we were learning about cube routes in geometry class the day after I got done reading it...thanks for helping me get ahead in geometry). I've really learned alot from your books, even though I think the main point is a cross between comedy, fantasy, and pleasure. For instance I didn't know what the word 'pun' was until I read your books...not to mention random geometry terms. If I had written this to you a while back I would remember my list of puns and such...but as of now I cann't remember any. I do remember my talent idea of having somebody touch a person to make them deaf or able to hear again, and the same thing with blindness also. Anyway...that doesn't matter. Thank you for all of your hard work, from the seventies till now. Your the best." writes Askain, remembering a favorite book.
      Lemuel writes these words, "I love the world of Xanth that you created. I stumbled across your first book, and after I finished it I was glad to later find out that it was a series versus a single book. I'm grabbing as many as I can :D Thanks for a great series and a great escape."
      "I honestly didn't think I liked the Xanth series when I first started reading because it is so unlike any other fantasy book I've ever read. I just finished book 4 and am moving along at about the pace of a new book every 2-3 days. (I do stuff in between too!) I must say, Xanth is a world I've come to love, and Mundania seems so boring now that I mention it. I thank you for your awesome talents and unlimited imagination. I'm sorry to admit, but The Magic of Xanth has become my favorite book series (overriding my original obssession of The Dark Tower series by Stephen King.) Don't quit writing! I would be very disappointed and upset if I learned that Pet Peeve is the last book. 29 just simply isn't enough!" writes Khyy.
      Remembering time spent reading about Xanth, Isla Rask writes, "Thank you for writing the brilliant series of xanth and many more. they allowed me to escape a from a horrible world to many wonderful worlds while I was growing up. i still read your work though now it is for soley for fun rather than for escape."
      "If not for a friend of mine I would never know about the land of Xanth and after the first book I could not put them down... Thank you for writing all the Xanth books for with out you I would never have started reading and would never have anything to talk to my friends about..." writes Takai_hakai, remembering a favorite book.
      Claudius writes these words, "Once at one of my schools, I saw this large selection of books by Piers Anthony. Having nothing else to read, I picked one titled "A spell for Chameleon." Ironically enough, it was the first in the Xanth series, and after that I was hooked. Thank you for writing such an interesting series!"
      "(write your thanks here)Just to say theaks for the brilliant Xanth series. I hadn't been able to read any for quite a while, but now I'm getting right back into all the adventures and meeting loads of GREAT new characters. " writes Pog.
      Remembering time spent reading about Xanth, D.bill writes, "Thank you for writing this excellent piece of literature, I enjoyed reading about the adventures taking place in Xanth very much and am a fan of this series since I was twelve. :) "
      "Thanks to an extra ordinary author of this century...an incredible and great writer of fantasies nd adventures who is..Mr. Piers Anthony... i love all your books and i was able to appreciate the wonders of this world..thank you so much for touching ur readers lives through your magical books...the xanthians loves you so much..we will support you always......" writes Beeroogna, remembering a favorite book.
      autumn writes these words, "Hello I just wanted to let you know that I am delighted that you decided to continue making books. I was a afraid that you would do as you first promised to do and stop writing at 27, and I would be cut off from Xanth forever, forced to read the same novels over and over trying to maintain a link to Xanth and avoid complete Mundania. "
      "Thank you Piers Anthony for every thing, I wouldn't be who I am today if it wasn't for your series. It opened my eyes to the joys of reading, especially fantasy books. When I was in the hospital having the final surgery on my ankles, your books kept mine mind off the pain.(That and the morphine.)" writes Chris.
      Remembering time spent reading about Xanth, Fenris writes, "I really love your puns,and ideas for a fantasy world thats a little more close to home than most. thank you!!!! PS: I hope you make MAAAAANY more novels!"
      "Thank you for writing these wonderful books that help take reality out of the real world" writes zac t., remembering a favorite book.
      Merle writes these words, "Thanks for the punniest, funniest, most draw-you-in-and-don't-let-you-go books I've ever read! Xanth introduced me to the lighter side of fantasy, and I'm much the better for it."
      "Thank you so much for this wondeful series. Although it is quite a long trilogy, I eagerly await each new book. Your stories all fit together whimsically and beautifully, and I love them all." writes Starcat.
      Remembering time spent reading about Xanth, Koralreafur writes, "Thank you so much for sharing your talent with the world. You enable your fans to enter the world of Xanth through creative writing styles and magnificent imagery. We can see ourselves in the characters of your books and each and every one of us have imagined what it would be like to live in Xanth-if even just for a day. Thank you for all the smiles you bring to my face through your books. God Bless!"
      "Dear Mr. Anthony, Your books have been a great inspiration to me in reading and writing about fantasy. Your Xanth series was reccommended to me by my cousin, and upon her giving me most of her Xanth books, I instantly became an avid reader. Your books are not only an addictive world of magic and fantasy, but a goldmine of comedy and unique, one of a kind people, places, and events. From the very first adventure with Bink, to the introduction of mundanes to Xanth, your series has captured the hearts and minds of many readers(including mine), and is bound to capture many more. Keep up the great work! As long as you are writing, I'll be reading." writes Empty, remembering a favorite book.
      John cena writes these words, "i have read only two books of your fame:-question quest & the colour of her panties.but they have pleased me so much,i wanna have more.unfortunately,i got those books as a gift from my aunt who lives in london.i myself am in india,and cant get them here. but hope u write more,entertain us more and in return we thank u more. majid."
      "Thank you Mr. Anthony! In my world you should be a king!And if you were you would be the greatest king of our world and also of Xanth!~!~!~!~!" writes Pheonix.
      Remembering time spent reading about Xanth, Spader458 writes, "Is this page really necessary? I'm sure Piers knows how appreciative the world is. But just in case he doesn't... Congratulations on creating a flawlessly perfect series of books that didn't stop at the end of the trilogy."
      "I would just like to say thanks for writing the Xanth books. I have read all of them (over and over again), and just now at age 14 am I fully able to comprehend the full hummor and thrilling-ness of the books. truly they have enlightened my life. Once again, thank you, and please write beyond 30 books." writes Amanda, remembering a favorite book.
      Audrey writes these words, "Your books are wonderful. I admire the way your words flow with ease and create such a magical paradise in the mind. The first book I ever read of yours was 'A Spell for Chameleon', and I have to say that reading your work changed my life. I know that sounds rather dramatic of me, but its true. Your novels opened a part of my imagination that I can never close again. Ever since I started that first novel, which I might add, I only started reading because my seventh grade language teacher threatened to fail me if I didn't actually read the book I was reporting on, I haven't been able to stop my mind from spinning with tales and lands of my own. I next to own my personal library now, all of the Xanth and your various other series included of course, and am happy to be slowly but surely working on my own novels at the moment. I'm up to three now, all a work in progress sad to say, but one day my mind will be in print too, and I can owe many of my thanks to you. Thank you."
      "Mr. Anthony, your books have not only inspired me to read more, but also they have inspired me to actually write. So far, I have created 12 short stories, with all original characters of my own. Your writing, along with very few others', has made me excel in both school and my personal life. Very few other authors would be able to get me from being a lazy girl to the second highest grades in the school. Thank you so very, very muchly." writes Marle Casaubon.
      Remembering time spent reading about Xanth, Dolph writes, "hi mr anthony, your books have been a great influence on me and I really thank you for writing. When I read a spell for chameleon I knew I had found my pefect series and to make it more exciting, it came in series and I got captivated by the books most especially centaur aisle and faun and games they were awesome. naturally I am a fan of fantasy and magic , harry potter used to be my best but now I know you are the No 1, the numero uno. Reading your books have been a pleasure now I am reading xone of contention and I'm loving it. Thanks."
      "from the first book I read which was A Spell for Chameleon I couldn't stop reading the series. They are so funny and exciting I love them! I can't get enough of them and I would just like to say THANK YOU MR. PIERS ANTHONY your books have given me more laughs than any other book, and they only get better as they progress through each story so thank you Mr. Anthony and don't forget that there is no way I will ever be able to stop reading your books even if I have to read them over and over and over." writes axman232000, remembering a favorite book.
      Lelia writes these words, "One book, and I was instantly hooked. My email program may hate me, but all I have to do to alleviate my frustrations is to pick up a copy of a Xanth book. That's when the laughter starts and the concerns melt away. You have an amazing gift for writing, and it's wonderful that you use it. I only hope you continue writing for years to come. Thank you for making our lives brighter."
      "Mr. Anthony, I have utilized your books to help my children learn to enjoy reading. My oldest son, now deceased, hated to read. I introduced him to the Xanth series. He got off to a slow start but he got interested and then started to use his own money to get the list of books current. My daughter used to think that all reading was boring. I used your books and the memory of her brother to motivate her into reading as a valid way to spend idle moments. She too contributed her own funds to keep the collection current and to replace some of the volumes that were worn out. I am very thankful to you for writing the Xanth series. I feel that your books should be used in schools to help other children to learn to enjoy reading and to help them build active imaginations. I too have enjoyed reading your various series of books. I started reading them when I was about 15 years old. I am in my 40's now and I still pick them up to read agina and again." writes John.
      Remembering time spent reading about Xanth, Nimby5 writes, "I started reading your books in Octogre 2003 thanks to a good friend of mine. I have read 68 of them sence then. I look forward to more great books by you. Keep up the great work; dont stop."
      "I discovered your books during the summer after seventh grade. I was at a neighbor?s house and looking through her books and one of them was A Spell for Chameleon. After taking it home and reading it, I was already hooked onto the Xanth novels. I have not read any other books that have action that flows so smoothly, or such well-written humor. I have also read the Apprentice Adept novels, and am halfway through the Incarnations of Immortality as I type this, and it is a year after my discovery of your books. I cannot wait until the movies come out. They will surely be just as entrancing and magical as your books. Never retire Piers Anthony! We all eagerly await your new novels!" writes Tanis, remembering a favorite book.
      X(a/n)th writes these words, "I just recently got into Xanth, but have already read the first seven in two days. Thank you for bringing me into your world Mr.Anthony. Its a world I've always dreamed of. It is the greatest series in the world! I really hope you don't stop at 30 and aim for 100. I will keep these books for my kids to read. FOREVER"
      "I found your Xanth trilogy in the Ships Library while serving the US Navy over seas... I have never been big on reading. but, your imagination and writing style caught (actually GRABBED) me! I personaly want to thank you for giving me a place to visit and making my time away from home easier to cope with! Many thanks for a job WELL DONE!" writes Chief.
      Remembering time spent reading about Xanth, Spunk_master_238 writes, "I was first introduced to your magical writings in 7th grade. I am now going into 11th grade and cannot stop reading. I was bored with reading before I discovered Xanth. To be truthful, I first read Mercycle for a report in the 7th grade and was very intrigued. I discussed it with a friend who told me to read A Spell For Chameleon. Nevertheless, I began reading and have been reading the series ever since. Thank you for giving me a joy in reading and thank you for not stopping writing the stories of Xanth. I cannot wait to read the next book!"
      "I first discovered Xanth in an old, second-hand copy of Dragon on a Pedestal. Naive and unconspired as I yet was, little did I know that five years later, I would still be looking forward to the latest paperback installments of your series. Your work really started my love of fantasy genre, and I really appreciate it. Thank you so much! Here's to the legacy of Xanth!" writes Tsunami, remembering a favorite book.
      Sam writes these words, "Piers, you are insanley brilliant. There are no words to describe how much i love Trent and Bink, along with every one and thing else. except for maybe, wow."
      "I have loved your books since I was only 12 and now I'm 21 and I'm still reading them. I've dreamed since i was five about a world like xanth, and I finally found it in your books. Thank you so much for continuing the series and please don't stop!! You really should think about making them into movies!!! I would love to see them! Can I please be in one? Anyways Thank you for you wonderful world." writes Andrea.
      Remembering time spent reading about Xanth, Mcert writes, "The land of Xanth is not only an escape for me but for many other fans as well. For this Mr. Anthony, I give my thanks and appreciation! This series that began back in 1977 will continue to increase the number of fans well into the future. For this you should be proud."
      "I want to let you know just how much I love the Xanth novels; it's one of the very few series I've read from beginning to end. Thanks so much for creating a land of magic to which I can go to escape Mundania!" writes Trixieregan, remembering a favorite book.
      Siam writes these words, "Thank you for you magnificent writing and your aw-inspiring magic. Thank you for inspiring so many people to write. thank you for giving me something to do in the summer."
      "Thanks you for writing such an awesome series, i hope you will continue to write more Xanth novels and that they don't stop at 30." writes D.grossclout.
      Remembering time spent reading about Xanth, Darathinas writes, "You are the greatest author ever. Not many people can pull of humor and adventure at once, but you, Piers, pull it off in no sweat. Your characters are brilliantly constructed and deep. I am a beginner reader, and I haven't read many of the books, but you have already entranced me into Xanth. For this, Piers, I give you the utmost respect and thanks for introducing me into your world."

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