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Our Commitment by Wormy
Aug 14, 2014

       The last week we suffered some downtime, but I would like to let everyone know that I am committed to keeping this website online. I am going through today and making sure it is still in working order for fans of the future to enjoy. To reiterate what I posted last year, it has been so very sad to see so many great Xanth websites disappear over the years. Of course, fan websites have been quickly replaced by larger websites like wikipedia, but I hope to keep the tradition going by keeping Xanthians Online running indefinitely. Have a wonderful day!

So many Xanth websites are now offline by Wormy
Feb 28, 2013

       I just want to take a moment and tell you guys about when I was a kid. I was in 5th grade and the 90's were coming to a close. Every night before bed I would read Xanth, staying up past my bedtime and hiding under the sheets so my parents would not catch me.
      It was around this time I also learned about the internet, so it is no wonder the two are intricately connected in my mind. I visited amazing websites that by today's standard would be considered comical and childish. But to me they were great, and I am sad to say that the bulk of them are completely gone now.
      I can remember two especially good Xanth sites that are now offline: Jan's Xanth Web Site and Ivy's Xanth Site. They were both really amazing sites and I am so sad to see them go. I remember visiting them and aspiring to create something that people can enjoy as much as I enjoyed those sites. So for the creators of those sites and others, thank you for inspiring me.
      I wish now that I had saved the sites before they were destroyed. All too late I realize that there was a strong web-community for Xanth back then that no longer exists today. At the time I did not even know it was there, and I would fantasize about a movie being made about the series so that a 'real' community could exist. Likewise at that time in my young adulthood I felt like I had very few friends. Looking back, I realize how I was very wrong. I will try to remember this and not take for granted what I had and the friends I made via the Xanth community.
      Also I promise that I will continue hosting this website indefinitely. I have taken money out of my very modest student-loan budget to register xanthonline.net for the next 5 years. When I can, I will register it for another 50. The webhost account is linked to several businesses in my family that will not go away even if I do. I apologize for the site being down for some of the last year with all my heart and I won't let it happen again.
      Thanks for visiting!

Well-Tempered Clavicle by Znyrat
Feb 28, 2012

       Has anybody read it? Created a new thread to discuss it, if people don't mind. Try not to give any spoilers though, just give a general of how you liked the book & how the story went: dragged, sped along etc.

On vacation by Znyrat
Nov 28, 2011

       Please, anybody who really wants to help out with XO & getting it back up & running, contact me or Wormy. My email is znyrat AT live DOT com & Wormy will gladly let anybody out who wants to get this website going again! I know nobody wants to see it die!

Ugh by Znyrat
June 14, 2011

       Sorry about the abscence everybody. Work has been time consuming, as well as chillin' with friends more. I've been emailing a few other users who have expressed interest in getting XO back up & running, so hopefully we can get something going soon, with a new look & activities to get more activity going on here.

Been busy by Znyrat
May 03, 2011

       I really have, being active duty is no joke. I just got done with my PRT, which is a fitness test done twice a year in the Navy to make sure we're up to par. I passed, thank God. Hopefully I'll get around to coding a new layout for here, but I'll post a screenshot of it & talk to Wormy more about it before anything is changed, of course. I want to make sure it stays user friendly & the transition is smooth.
      Input on what you want to see? Please just create a new thread with your ideas because I check this every day so I'll definitely see it within a day.

New by Znyrat
April 18, 2011

       Hey everybody, this is Znyrat. Since I got in contact with Wormy, he gave me Webmaster status! I would really love if anybody who visits could give some input on what they want to see on here, since I've never ran a forum. I've deleted some of those extra posts that were obviously by a spam bot, but this access panel is kinda weird, so I'm still getting the hang of it.
      I know Wormy wants to keep this website running, because he still loves Xanth & obviously still pays for the domain.
      If there could be some input on if y'all want a change in the layout, new pages, etc. please let me know.

David Eddings Dies by Wormy
June 07, 2009

       Another fantasy Author, David Eddings, has died on June 2nd. I personally really enjoyed his novels and they reminded me of Xanth in many ways, although perhaps more formulated.

An update, Sil Vous Plait by Mattwandcow
Oct 02, 2008

       I have recently gotten an email asking whether or not this site is still running.
      I chose not to respond in the usual way, but to come and update.
      The question exists is why the Bleep is NOTHING HAPPENING?!?!?!
      I blame the gourd. I was sucked into a religious Gourd experience where I'm not constantly on my comp until April '010. Wormy is off somewhere, doing something and I haven't heard from anyone else in a while.
      Therefore, I make it official that the Management has temporarily lost focus. We are keeping the site alive, but little else. Now, I'll be a good little God and kick the GM a bit, but don't expect a lot.
      This has been a wandcow News update. Enjoy

New Year Changes- 4 Months in! by Mattwandcow
April 26, 2007

       Hello! Hello! Hello! A recent influx of activity on the Xanthian Front! I, mattwandcow, aka Matt, am now a webmaster. As such, I pulled out an exceptionally pointy stick and, Nimby knows how, I roused the GM to answer a question or two. I also discovered the lair of one Wormy, who I was able to persuade to proffer us FAN FICTION PAGE! Thats right! We want to read YOUR stories in the land of Xanth. Just follow the basic rules of the site... Adult Conspiracy, courtesy, proper spelling and grammar, and every one will be able to enjoy your literary writ. Hope to read ya soon!

A Spell for Chameleon is a go! by Chiaki
Dec 05, 2006

       Hey, ya'll! Chia here! We've been informed that that production of "A Spell for Chameleon" is going to be done! Yay! This November, a director was finally chosen and the making of ASfC is definitely going to happen! The movie news page is up so check back soon. Also, HiPiers.com has a new newsletter out. Check that out, too!

Fall Xo Updates by Wormy
Sep 19, 2006

       News! Whoot! I am going to be doing some fun stuff to Xo during the fall. I have offically phased out of my last project, Brooms Online, and I am back to Xo with gusto. I hope to incorporate the flash-based Xanth Character System more widely into the site, which would mostly mean fixing the Xanth Character Chatroom, and finishing the Three Challenges game.
      Looking back on Spader's post from March 2006, I see that during the last wave of updates some things were never finished. Hopefully that stuff can be taken care of as well, which would include the Quiz, Newsletter, the Role-Playing board, new layout, and other things. I'm not sure what will end up getting done, I guess it will depend on the other webmasters, because I dont think I'll work much on anything outside of the XCS.
      Anyways, thanks for continuing to visit the site, and remember to post on the discussion boards to keep things going.

Xanthians dormant again.. by Chiaki
Aug 15, 2006

       Hey, everyone. Sadly, Xanthians has gotten idle yet again. The staff apologizes for this, everyone's been very busy. It is summer, you know! Now that school is approaching for us, though, some more mandatory free time should rear its head. We'll try to keep you moderately updated. Also, if ANY members have suggestions, comments, submissions, et cetera, please send us them! You can contact us using the link at the bottom of this page.

Xanthians Online Moving Upwards by Spader
March 07, 2006

       Xanthians Online is going under a major make-over to make the page more aesthetically pleasing and to bring it back to its original standard. Throughout the following months, us webmasters will be struggling to add more useful (or at least entertaining and aesthetically pleasing) content to the site. We apologize for so few updates in recent month, but hey, we have lives too you know? We're not just randomly drawn webmaster icons, you know? So um, stay punny like Xanth and stuff.
      Spader--out to lunch.
      The Xanth Role Playing board is ready to get started. See the Rules and Create a Character thread on the Role Playing board for more info.
      Pages under construction: (over March, April, & May 06')
      [75%] About Xo: New webmaster pictures & pictures of previous websites
      [70%] Members: Icon listings coming up, character icons and stuff already there, fixed the ages listing
      [0%] Newsletter: We're gonna either make a newsletter, or remove this link
      [100%] Discussion: Making some changes to try and bring more attention to this discussion board
      [35%] Games: Fracto's Revenge & Sock Sorter will be completed, Three Challenges will be redone entirely (the three challenges game is beautiful at the moment, I cant wait till its done!)
      [20%] WXCAY: We are doing an overhaul of this page and it should come out nicely
      [50%] Suggested: New layout (done), edit feature, genre selection
      [20%] Quiz: Will be fixed up a bit visually, with pictures for results and 3 difficulty levels
      [100%] Artwork: Minor Bug fixes
      [100%] Movies Section: Will be removed, movie options are presumed to be un-exercised
      [0%] Link us: New banner
      [100%] Games/Information Page format: Reformatting the game and information pages to match the news page
      [90%] XCS: (Xo Character System) Customize a toon to use throughout the site, pretty much finished
      [20%] Piers Quote of the Day: Not sure where to put this yet, might end up on the main page, we still have to collect the quotes
      [70%] Xo RP Board: Role-playing board, done, we hope to get some role playing going soon
      [30%] Ask the GM: New flash game is under the works that you must beat before asking the magician a question, and it is going really well, the first challenge is getting closer to completion
      [5%] Professional Layout: Trying to put together a more professional looking layout, and maybe make a mini page for switching layouts back and forth. this is going terrible, professional layouts look too boring for xo.

No longer dormant, eh by Josh
Feb 22, 2006

       Well after having been gone for a good while setting up some capital ventures, I've finally freed some time to dedicate to Xo. Access logs state that 47 new members have been verified by yours truly.
      Moving on, we've got some nice additions to the site for all visitors new and old. Many GM questions have been answered, these last months have brought on those wonderful flash games. With some luck, administrators can organize and setup a plan for what to roll out next on Xo. Wormy's gonna get some ideas tossed at him in due time.
      Additionally, the members list reads well over 700 as our community continues to grow and expand. As the previous message read, we urge you all to continue posting Xo on your favorite web portals and inform the Xanth readers and fans of one of the fastest growing communities.

We need to get more visits, peoples! by Chiaki
Jan 16, 2006

       Wow, first time posting. I was doing something and XO came to mind. Go out and post XO to your favorite web portals. More people, must get! x.X

Virus you should know about by D.grossclout
Jan 03, 2006

       McAfee was one of the few anti-virus ppl who admitted openly that they had no protection against the Happynewyear[dot]jpeg files (DO NOT SEARCH FOR IT) it infected over 6% of they're users (ALOT!)
      go to the disscussion boards to learn more

GM Updated by Darathinas
Nov 22, 2005

       Most GM questions have been answered by the Good Magicians. We have had many, so if yours is still not on the page- the Good Magicians are busy men!

Over 500 members! by Ducky
Sep 26, 2005

       I just looked through the list, and it seems there are 507 members of Xo right now! Congratulations to Mooo for being the 500th member. At least I think I'm right about that....

Xanth Board Game by Wormy
Sep 04, 2005

       Well, I just bought the Xanth Boardgame!
      I'll be putting together a mini-page about it here.
      It is complicated, absolute non-sense, with failed concepts and long boring strendious play based on luck and pointless card pulling... In other words, it hit the spot perfectly!
      I will be bringing it to kinkos soon to scan of all the cards and of course, the board. Then I am going to errect a new section of Xo based on the board game, and recreate the board game into a Online Multiplayer Flash Bored Game...
      This is how I'll be spending the next couple months. I think.

The Return of Teh Worm! by Wormy
Aug 23, 2005

       Shame on all of us! We've forgotten Pier's birthday, which was August 6. Happy birthday Piers! I've never been too good with birthdays.
      I am buying the Xanth Board Game... Finally! I've always wanted to get one, but I never bothered. I will be posting all the instructions and that good stuff in a new section deticated to it, I think. Or something. Speaking of Xanth merchandise... Someone is selling their Companions of Xanth original box set: here (old link removed) for $300. A bit steep
      First of all, everyone needs to check out the RPG Chiaki managed to find and put on Xo: 'Legend of the Green Dragon'. Thanks Chiaki!
      I am going to be adding a 'Games' section soon. I am working on several Flash Games for the site right now, including 'The Three Challenges', 'Fracto's Revenge', 'Wiggle Escape' and 'Sock Sorter'. These 4, possibly along with a stealth 'dodge the gaurd' type game where you have to avoid the gorgon's gaze, will be heading off the new section when it opens. I dont have too many ideas for games though, and I could use some suggestions.
      Some new toons are on the way too! Including Smash the Ogre and a few others. On the most, I am out of things to do- If anyone has any ideas, send an email or post them on the discussion board! I have been bored lately, and need something interesting to work on.
      If you want to bother looking, I've done minor updates to the Future Page, which includes the Flash Movie area and the games area; the members page, adding the View Active option; the toons page, adding Smash the ogre; the Cast & Crew page, expanding the bio's on the two announced film makers; and the reviews page, adding the latest new books (someone needs to review these).

Because Nobody Ever Updates The News by Spader
Aug 19, 2005

       Well then, it seems Wormy's been working dilligently on creating the new "Proffesional" versions of Xanth Character Chat and of CND. He's busy and doesn't post news. I don't know about the other webmasters though. Like Siam (lazy bleep...) and Dara (probly playing Soldat) and Foxy and Ducky and etc.
      This is not a problem though. Because I am here. So if you need anything just send an email to Wormy asking for Spader...even though I'm not really good at much. And I don't really have much time to do anything... But I still post in the news.
      Okay, on a more Xanthian note it's getting close to 2006 and that's when A Spell for Chameleon is supposed to come out. I'm starting to get excited. And it's my birthday tomorrow.

Reviews and Such by Spader
July 21, 2005

       Recently, our wonderful (and powerful) leader, the Great Worm, authoritatively suggested that I should do something for the board. I was going to write reviews for the books that didn't have them...but Foxy beat me to it. WHAT KIND OF CONSPIRACY IS THIS ANYWAY?!?!
      But really, thank you Foxy. That was the right thing to do. *sigh* I guess I'll go post in the forums...

Flash Games by Wormy
July 10, 2005

       I have started working with ActionScript, which opens a new venue for Xo into Flash Games.
      Xo's First Flash Game: "The Wiggle Escape"
      This first flash game isnt much, but I'll improve with my flash skills and present more flash-related content. The next thing will be a re-creation of the '3 Challenges' (ask the GM section) in Flash. I have already started this, and hopefully you will enjoy it once its done.

Flash by Siam
June 27, 2005

       Alright folk, the XO flash movie will be made! Wormy has just put up a flash http://xanthians.com/flash Uploader <-- here, where we post our little practice-flash clips. If you have any script ideas, jokes, or puns; or if you are interested in helping with animation, music, or voice overs, you can email us at webmasters@xanthians.com
      Currently we are still working on making the script decent, and practicing our flash animation.

Administrative Powers by Spader
June 12, 2005

       Hey everyone, this is Spader, your administrator, speaking. Tonight I suddenly had an urge to get online and use my administrative powers for no good reason. Ignoring my strong desires to completely wipe out the member database (except for me of course) or hack into Wormy's databases and have me some fun (something I don't technically know how to do), I decided to post some news. But there really isn't a point other then to get rid of the news that's been posted on the site for a month now.
      So here's an interesting thought: if you bring a Xanth book with you wherever you go, you'll never get lonely. Trust me; I've tried. My favorite one to lug around is Centaur Isle, which is my favorite out of the four Xanth books I own.
      Well, until next time, this has been a random update by your administrator, Spader. Thank you, and good night.

GM Questions 2 by Foxy
May 12, 2005

       Hey, this is Foxy and I'm back to helping Dara with the GM questions! So... You can start sending questions in again. I'm not good with homework... and Dara isn't either so we still won't answer homework questions.

GM Questions by Darathinas
May 11, 2005

       Now that the GM Questions are being cleaned out of pointless questions, from now on every member can only send us THREE GM QUESTIONS A MONTH. I am tired of answering, modifying, and deleting stupid ones. If you post one up and I end up deleting it, IT COUNTS. If you need any help on homework or something... ask rory or another xanthian... we only answer XANTH related questions.
      I am sorry for the limit... I'll name names if you request

Flash Time! by Wormy
May 07, 2005

       I'm installing Flash again today! Finally, I will have Flash once more! This means 3 things for Xo, none of them in which you probably care about at all:
      1: I will finally make a Flash Interactive Map of Xanth... I'm going to start working on it tonight! It probably wont really be very interactive, just some little pop-ups at first. However, I hopefully will add some animation to it eventually.
      2: Drao's picture can finally be added to the webmasters area in 'About Xo'. Yay! Drao will finally be offically a webmaster, and she can stop helping with the site and start sitting around doing nothing like the rest of the real webmasters do!
      3: I can get to work on the Xanth Flash Movie again. Hah, yeah right... Like I'd ever do that anyways. Oh well, I can pretend I'm doing it at least.

Over Viewin' by Wormy
May 02, 2005

       I've decided to allow the news post to get a bit longer than before. Currently, I am doing touch up's on a lot of the pages across the site. Before I thought it would be better to leave touch ups for last, but now I've realized that everything is a mess, and I may as well sort things out before making it messier. The good news is updates are coming! I will be doing a lot of stuff over the next week... Just wait and see.
      I added a picture of Ivy to the random rotating pictures thing in the top left corner. She doesnt look very good. One of these days I'm going to fix up a ton of my drawings and put them all in the corner. I just wish I had some of mythical creatures too, all these corny little people cartoons is starting to look bad.
      That annoying bug concerning birthdates is now fixed, but all the people who were affected by the bug still have strange birthdates. I'll just set these people to Unknown birthdates, there really isnt much more to do for it. Hopeless.
      Heres something interesting: A new section on Pictures will be added. There will originally be three parts to this section: Icons, Toons, and Artwork. Icons will be composed of Empty's wonderful Xanth AIM Icons, plus some of my own. Toons will be all of my Xanth Characters, the ones you see in the upper left corner and some more that are being made for the flash movie. I put quite a few of the characters up already, but there are tons more coming! Artwork will be all member-submitted, so take out your drawing pencils and start submitting!
      Hopefully we can add 'Flash' to this section once I finish the first Xanth flash movie, and maybe a section on Piers, with some pictures of him... Or something.
      Speaking of pictures, pictures are the only thing that needs to be added to the WXCAY? personality test: Pictures! Well, and description. Besides that, it works fine. It even saves your WXCAY result to your profile.

Potato Time! by Wormy
April 04, 2005

       Piers Put out a new newsletter! Now if only I had enough detication to update Xanthians Online every so often.

SYS CTRL by Darathinas
March 18, 2005

       All those who have the Sys Ctrl buttons on their sidebar, do not fret! There will be more stats listed soon, because I am going to be pestering wormy to do it and forcing salt on his soul if he doesnt. Have a good day!

New Webhost! (completed) by Wormy
March 06, 2005

       Well, the transition to the new Webhost is complete! See? Wasnt that easy?

Well, it did take me off of today, and theres going to be lots of adjusting to the new system, but I think it is definitely an improvement! Now that this is done, I'll be working on the new Discussion Board layout.

Site Downtime by Wormy
March 05, 2005

       There may be slight Site Downtime over the next few days as everyones ISP's recieve the new WebHost information.

New Webhost! by Wormy
March 04, 2005

       I'm happy to announce that we are finally changing WebHosts away from the evil doteasy and to the wonderful UKHost4u. The transition should be incredibly smooth and hardly time consuming.

PS: It looks like the site is displaying double news posts... I cant figure out what the problem is. Bah!

Making progress in Xo's Recreation by Wormy
Feb 16, 2005

       An absolute ton of progress is being made in Xo! This are moving along very quickly in this recreation. I have decided to not transfer the news from the old site onto Xo05', but if anyone would ever like to take a look at it, you can find it here.

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