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       Xanthians Online was created in 1997 and has been operational since. Xo is a fan site of a popular series of novels written by Fantasy-author Piers Anthony, this series of novels are called 'Xanth'.

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The Xanth Basics
       Xanth is a magical land shaped similar to Flordia where various adventures take place. This fantastic world is based on the idea that each human being in Xanth has a single unique magical talent. Most magical talents are little use in day to day affairs (these are considered 'spot-on-the-wall talents'), but every so often a human will be born with an incredibly strong, useful talent. A person with a strong talent would be dubbed a Magician.

       Humans on Xanth (or as we would call them, Xanthians) have successfully created a solid government consisting of a magician caliber king & other boring people who are rarely heard about... Most Xanth novels follow the tales of Xanth's young adult magicians, and government procedures are boring. But regardless of what any humans in Xanth may tell you, they are not the superior species. Xanth consists of ogres, centaurs, harpies, goblins, curse fiends, mermen, and an assortment of other creatures; each with their own form of government and political agenda with the other species... Which can always make for a very interesting story.

       The creatures of Xanth are often of mundane orgin. Mundane is anything that is not part of Xanth, but part of Mundania. Mundania would be the world outside of Xanth, including space residing under Earth (E(a/r)th being a demon). So yes, you are part of Mundania, you and all of your possessions are mundane. All of Xanth creatures have been adapted via magic, except for those that have just arrived in Xanth through Xanths northern Mundane border (but give them a generation of offspring, and they will adapt as well).

       Magical adaptation creates many things. For instance, Humans that currently live in Xanth came from Mundania at one time or another (there were 14 major 'waves' of human migration in Xanths history, 12 of them being before the first novel was written) and when they first moved there, they were often biased against magic users. But when they gave birth to children (and in Xanth, new born children arrive via stork, so it must have given magic-illiterate mundanes a scare) the children developed magical talents. Much similar, other animals adapted to magic.

       Another form of magical adaptation is through crossbreeding. One of the amazing things about Xanth is the ability for seperate species to crossbreed, and give birth to a mixture of species. Some well known crossbreeds are Mermen (fish/human) and Centaurs (horse/human). Often creatures will mate creating a new species, but the species will be unique to only one known character, such as Manticora (lion/dragon/scorpian) or Ghola (goblin/harpy). Most crossbreeding occurs near bodies of water called lovesprings. Those who drink from a love spring fall instantly in love with the first being they see, regardless of species.

       One last form of adaptation would be somewhat like mundane evolution, with a twist. Such as the goblins, who were once a group of humans, but were cursed long before the first novel. The curse caused female goblins to only find the most disgusting, ugly and stupid males attractive. As all the smart goblins failed to reproduce, slowly goblins have gotten dumber and weaker throughout the ages.

       One last thing a person must know of Xanth is its landmarks. As you can see on any map which appears on the first few pages of any Xanth novel, Xanth looks much like the Mundane area of 'Flordia'. If a Xanthian were to travel north out of Xanth, they may even find themselves in Flordia, although Xanth is known to move around mundania in location, as well as time.

       Some of the most important landmarks in Xanth itself would be the Gap, which is a large crevice cutting across Xanth which happens to have a forget spell on it. The forget spell often makes people forget the Gaps existance, and everytime one comes across this large crevice, they will be surprised to see it. The forget spell starts to fade out in later Xanth novels, but its presence will always be partially there. Also, important is Castle Roogna, the human capital of Xanth. Lastly, the Good Magicians Castle, which is home to the good magician Humfrey. Humfrey is a Magician of information- He has the ability to obtain the answer to any question that is asked to him... But he isnt much for guests, so if a Xanthian wishes to ask him a question, they must first pass 3 challenges. Also, the Good Magician charges a year of service per question answered.

Website Information
Xanthians Online
      A fansite of the Xanth series
      Created in 1996

Members Accepted since 2003
      Current Member Count: 5451
      Accepting Members on request

The Webmasters

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Website History
       Screenshots of Past Xo sites:
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       Links to archives of past Xo sites:
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             Xo 05' (current)

       The year was 1997 when this website was born. It was started by Wormy (the head webmaster) at age 10. For 2 years the site was called "Wormy's Xanth Site", and although all the content displayed at this website has completely disinigrated from the current site, you can still see the memories here. Even older ones can be seen here. Actually, there are some interesting things that have developed over the course of time, such as the 1997's GMC Page compared to the current ask the GM page. In fact, the Xo of 2003 even had another version of this adventure to the Good Magicians Castle.

       In 1999 the site was recreated and given the name 'Xanth Online'. This is when the site made the largest improvements. It was around this time that Justin Tree was hanging about the internet. Justin Tree and I (Wormy) would chat day on end about Xanth, website creation, and just about anything we could get by the Adult Conspiricy. In constant attempts to create a better site than Tree's, I started working my hardest on Xanthians Online. Although Justin Tree rarely touched this site (sometimes he would put large Canadian flags all over it) he has been one of my best friends, and without him all my interest would have been lost. You can see the site from 1999 here.

       Attempts at a member only site was made with the creation of 'Xanthians *restricted*' in 2000. We had a whomping 30 members, which was a great personal achievement, seeing that I had no programming experience, and did every profile by hand using HTML after the users filled out an email application. At the time, the member site was completely seperate from the main. Without the programming knowledge to do better, everyone was forced to share a password: 'chameleon'. You can see 'Xanthians *restricted*' here.

       In 2002 the site was once again completely re-created from scratch (well, for the most part). With new found skills in photoshop and mundane usages of pre created Java scripts, I managed to put together an amazing site. Sadly, this site was later lost.

       Before it was lost, it underwent a huge make-over. Early 2003, Wormy purchased a domain name: xanthonline.net as well as a upgraded webhost, which included PHP and absolutely NO ads! This would have to most of all be thanks to 3 Xanthians, each who donated 10 dollars to the site. Who are they? I have no clue! Oops.

       Ever since this websites beginings we have been hosted through Yahoo. In late 2003, we changed servers to get a wider viarity of scripting options. At that point we have nearly reached perfection.

       However, we remade the site once more in 2005... Just for the hell of it. Actually, it was remade because of a server crash that caused us to lose most of our background coding. Not to mention the background coding was a burden on our bandwidth and causing the site to load slowly. The new site looks fundamentally the same, however, it is operating much more productively now. It is easier for us to edit, and easier for us to manage. A large step up the technology scale.

       Hopefully the site will not have to be reconstructed again for a very long time. I am thinking... 3 years hopefully. This current version will get us through the release of 'A Spell for Chameleon', the first movie based on a Xanth book.

       Xo is getting better and better everyday. With the help of viewers, it will continue this trend for years to come. We have passed our first decade, but not our last. Thanks for your interest. Maybe someday you will become a part of Xo History.

Xanthians Online
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