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      'You know you love Xanth when...' was first found on Ivy's Xanth site. After making up a ton more of them, we decided to put this page up and see what other Xanthians could think up. So sign up or log in, and add your 'You know you love Xanth when...' Joke to Xanthians Online!

You can add your own joke to this list! Just Login!

You know you Love Xanth when...Writers
...You compare everything to the Xanth version! Majorpatootie
You silently laugh at your friends when they make a pun but dont notice Demonwolfprince
you groan about being in mudaina. Kcgboat
You don't take the too convenient paths for fear of tangle trees or worse! Princess_ivy
...Make people groan with egregious puns Princess_ivy
Play Matria with your friends Princess_ivy
Once inducted into the adult conspiracy, curse with **** <<<< ++++ !!!! Princess_ivy
...You read through YKYLXW in one sitting. Princess_ivy
...Your boyfriend gets sick of you talking about Xanth. Princess_ivy
...you develop an obsession with puns and try to avoid stepping on them Serenade
idk? Firefur
...on the top of your esssay you write novemburr Bink123
...You seriously can't remember if it's 'swell foop' or 'fell swoop'. Facadepapergirl
...you can no longer spell right Chibi
...you look for a pillow tree Bink123
...when someone farts you plug your ears Fractoman411
every time you see a cloud you run inside Fractoman411
...Everytime you're driving through Florida, you refere to the places you drive through by their Xanithian counter part. Xena91388
...you can tolerate a comic strip's puns Ghostcat
...you can read the Xanth language without pausing. Nimskit
your head explodes and you are fine. Trojan
.. Lessa
...You unexpectedly come across an invisible bridge when all hope is lost, Lessa
...you push your enemies into a lake and hope they get stuck Coulterjohn1
...you bring your future girlfriend to a stream and insists she drink from it Coulterjohn1
... you have a magician class talent Array
...you go looking for a shoe tree and are dissapointed when you don't find hte right one. Idrrdx
...... no one is even using this thing any more........ Myotawolf
...hey i understand the abbreviation!! Myotawolf
...you focus at a wall for 5 minuets strait! Myotawolf
...you look under your bed every night for a bed monster Myotawolf
...you yell at a random cloud to make it mad then run inside before it rains Myotawolf
...a pun!!! check it! a micro-wave is a micro wave of magic!...... see a pun! Myotawolf
...you attempt to make a bad pun... and it works Myotawolf
you ask 3 litel gerls in crawns singing druming and plaing a hermonica to cast a spell for you. 22xander
you cloas youer eyes when a a gerl shows you her pantis 22xander
you triy to get n.a.s.a. to get you chees and huny frum the moon 22xander
you look for puns in a punkin pach 22xander
you start planing a vicashon on ida's moons 22xander
...you try to find the O-Xone while browsing the internet Serenade
you know why they make such crazy things likeale abbreviation: YKYLXW... How am i supposed to know what that means before i click on it?!?! Trojan
you know why nobody's posting ANYTHING on this blog thingy! Trojan
you meet your favorite Xanth character (mine is Dolph) Trojan
join the conspiracy and can finally swear Infamousmagician
...you goto the kiss-me river to find a date. Teperis
You name your tarantula jumper Coulterjohn
You see if your snake will turn human or have a human head Coulterjohn
Think your getting kicked while drinking root beer Coulterjohn
You try to trick your boyfriend into marrying you in a graveyard Coulterjohn
You check your fingers daily to see if you are Jenny elf Coulterjohn
When you say bleep!!! instead of cussing Coulterjohn
OMG they cancelled the Spell for Chameleon Movie Coulterjohn
When you ask your cat to find your portable video game Coulterjohn
When you start trying to make your COMputer change reality Coulterjohn
You start mistaking wirds and say "Whatever" crossly after being corrected Coulterjohn
you start calling your friends picklepusses Toad
..every member of your family has a xanth screen name. Nimbysep
You're afraid of trees with lots of vines on them. Eks
When my sister gave me the book A Spell for Camelion Tinkerbell
...you habitually drop cherries and pineapples at krogers Freakenstien
...you frequently visit rivers in hope of finding nymphs Freakenstien
...you run screaming when you turn 25 thinking youll be exiled, then remember king trent discontinued that custom Freakenstien
...you make a wish ev ery time you strike a match Nimby465
...you try to find the entrance ivy and grey used to get to Xanth from mundania Emmett
...u speak in xanthian and everyone elts hears gibberish Stark
you never speak to anyone who EVER insults Xanth Crazyclaudia
you go to Florida and tell everyone you know that you went to Xanth. 2lala
you you're teacher asks you what the biggest bird is, you say a roc. Crazyclaudia
Whenever you get a forwarded email saying to make a wish you wish you lived in xanth, and that it woudld be very nice to if you had a magician/sorceress caliber talent
You spend your life looking for a way into xanth
everybody thinks you are insane because you know it is real, which it is!
You've named your daughter "Threnody" and wonder why people look at you funny. Gromden
you form a D&D adventure around Xanth. Bastian_wheeler
you throw a cherry at a tree covered in vines Callie748
You get lost and look for a compass rose in a garden. Rosario
you see a cloud and scream Nodopp
...you talk in your sleep about the stork delivering a baby to the fairies. Bastian_wheeler
...you try to bio engener a dragon Xthomas
...you go to www.hipiers.com/" www.hipiers.com/ Donnie_d
...Say "Che" instead of "Gee" Megalord1
...someone says "I love you" and you hear "Isle of View" Mallow
...you act like D. Mentia Nimby465
u speak like D. Metria Gameboycolor
... You start looking on old maps for a huge valley somewhere in Florida. Sanetank
you look for a Xanth website. Ballack
...you look at a speck of dirt on your computer screen and try to jump in Linsea
...your sister is gloating about something so you set out to search for some humble pie Linsea
...you name your favorite tree Justin and try to talk to it ^_^. Linsea
...you think your badminton birdie flew thru the raquet to lay its eggs in xanth Linsea
...Pirates of the Carribean makes you think of Pie Rats of the Carry Bean Kacisunset
...when you swear it comes out as **** Fire--head
...You name your cat sammy and ask him to find xanth for you Oblivionxx
...you realize that the " mind vine" referred to earlier is actually the Eye-que Zaranth
you watch out for pineapple tree's Stanley_steamer
...when you find everyone in your house uses a Xanth screen name Nimbysep
...you forget you can't find out what that wierd noise in the bathroom was by asking the mirror. Xeno_cre8or
...you carry your cat around backwards, because you like to show off your trophy Vehemoth
...all your animals are named for Xanthian puns Rocn_robyn
...you jump out of bed, hoping to hit a horse Fire--head
...You tell a cat an order and think it obeys Clarakittygirl
... during an earthquake you run into a cave to take cover from the invisible giant passing by. Mdrew93
... you look under cabage leaves for your newborn kids. Mdrew93
...you want tasoda pooka Christus
...ur talent is talking to the land of xanth as a whole and it loves you bak Sylvania92
...u get hungry and deside to go out to the woods and find a good pie tree. Stark
you read two of the muses books in one night Karlant
***you jump for joy at an answer to an email to sir Anthony telling of a movie in the making!!!*** Unicorn
...you watch the clouds for a crowned one Unicorn
...you find the computer game and try to enter Xanth through it Ceribri
...you get as excited about finding the online computer site as you do about reading each Xanth adventure. Brokeneagle
...you know a live action movie would be waaaay too cheesy, so wish for an anime version! Unicorn
...someone comes up to you and says will you marry me Demontedfan678
...you start noticing your older sister does not have as much facial features as she use to and is now picking up your socks Stanley_steamer
...you cant tell wether a nickel is a real nikelpede or not Stanley_steamer
...you find a gord, get yourself comfortable, poke your finger in, and peek inside Stanley_steamer
...you start punching at your friends door aftr a fight in hopes that you will bash the door in with brute ogre stength Stanley_steamer
...all you dream about at night is bad dreams so you start practicing jumping as you would like to get a ride into Xanth Stanley_steamer
...a ditch turns up in your path and you run back to get a flash light because your afraid the nickel pedes will get you Stanley_steamer
...you ask girl you know who use to have black hair but is now dying her hair green to growa cherry bomb tree so that you can throw some cherry bombs at your evil teacher Stanley_steamer
...you try to get a ride on a bald eagle thinking he a roc bird Stanley_steamer
...you tear up your whole house looking for the next book Stanley_steamer
...you see a snake glare at you and you fall down ''dead'' Stanley_steamer
...you fake school to read Xanth books Stanley_steamer
...you relize your friend looks different and you start calling her Chamelion Stanley_steamer
...you jack off when you read the book Jimmylafferty
...mario Lolninja
...afer you read these you told your friends and family about this page King_trent
...you can't play a comuter a computer game without hoping that it will turn 3-D and let you step through into the game. D.flect
...you can relate anything that happens in this boring mundane world to one of the 31 xanth books. D.flect
...You start talking to one of the trees on your front lawn Yayaanns
...When all your first ed. books are worth over $25,000 Demonsm
...When you have a ll the first run books wortth over 25,000. Ame-thyst
...you've read every book 10 times Demosthenes2k7
...you move to Flordia to search for the entrance. Bsassy
you visit florida in hope of getting lost =P Gwendolynn
you join xanthians online... Gwendolynn
...you are already looking forward to Oct. 16 when the next book comes out. D.flect
...you have at least one of these posted, or you check them repeatedly D.flect
you find youself relating everything to Xanth D.flect
...you see a perfumist (a person that makes perfume, of course!) try to make scents of a situation Trapped_in_gourd
...when you realize that bakers are real bread winners. D._mote
...you experience a huge conincidence and look for bink Jonnyblade21
...you start crying when offered a piece of "Souffle" thinking they've killed a moat monster Blaze5186
you plant your mom's famous cherry pie in hopes it will grow into a pie tree Blaze5186
...you try to find a way to make a new aged Xanth RPG (any helpers?) Polgara
...you beat an oger in a burping contest Darkgirl
...you wish you were actually there Jenny
you mistake root beer for boot rear... D.vorce
...you name your kid Dor and expect the walls to start talking. Claracatgirl
...when someone informs you that your shoes are untied and you reply "Frayed knot..." D._mote
...you realize your math class is full of drama because there are so many problems to work out. D._mote
...you go through the dictionary, find the de- words, and are amazed at how many demons are known in mundania D.flect
...you go to a ranch and say "wheres the sallad?" Domth
your favorite food it pumpkin pi Luna_kaftan
you bleap you saw an alagory eat a pair-it and split in half Domth
...your goal in Xanth is to get all 30 xanth books, plus the one that is going to come out. Trapped_in_gourd
...you notice the parodox of a pair of ducks flying between a pair of docks. D._mote
...you realize how much it hertz to have a slow computer. D._mote
...talking about it helps you to get along with your piers. D._mote
...You laugh because something is so darn punny Trapped_in_reality
when ever you try to say bleep you actualy say bleep (dang ac) Lemonrider
...you require three challenges befor someone can enter your house. Lemonrider
...you actualy have a cat-ass-trophy made because it is your favorite pun Lemonrider
...you walk back and forth at the border to florida, hoping you'll go to Xanth one of those times Trapped_in_gourd
...You search in vain for a way to Xanth Trapped_in_reality
taking things literally is suggested. D._mote
...you randomly turn conversations xanth related Trapped_in_gourd
...you spend your free time thinking about puns. D._mote
...you spend 6+ hours a day on XO! Mattwandcow
...you go to the snot fair when somethings `s not fair! Trapped_in_gourd
...you take some oats that you found in the wild and start soing them together to make a nymph pop out and do what ever you say. Nimby465
you look for a pi tree to help you do your math homework Nimby465
...you search for a magic talent Domth
...the only books your read anymore have the sticker that says "this is a xanth novel" Totalydragon
...you wake up from a bad dream looking for the night mare Moowell2
... you go to a ranch and think you see a centaur Moowell2
...you get an 0 on your Mythology test Beckadragongirl
...you contribute puns on the "pplease help contribute puns!" on the xanth discussion board! Trapped_in_gourd
...asked for a Xanth movie from Santa since you were 5 years old Statue_of_limitations
...Seen someone reading a Xanth book and spontaneously burst into tears because your not alone... Statue_of_limitations
...you've beaten someone sensless for pronouncing it "Ex-anth" Statue_of_limitations
...you go to "talent" shows with FAR too much hope... Statue_of_limitations
...You research the legality of marrying a fictional character (I love you Eve!) Statue_of_limitations
...you actully listen to the YKYLXW Beckadragongirl
...you're suddenly the Sorsoress of cats Beckadragongirl
...You run arund naked trying to transform into every animal you see Raxion
...you go out and look for a pie tree. Wingedcentaur:)
...u pick cherries and through them at ur brothen---then are dissapointed cause he didn't blow up Regidor
...you try to change things by pointing at them because you have a magician level talent like King Trent. Fat_kat
...every time you tell a joke it ends up punny ( haha ) Mithrim
...You role play on World of Warcraft as a Xanth character, and then people make fun of you...of course you promptly pwn them in a duel. Chronos17
...you start talking about a xanth book out of blue as if you were talking about your closest friends and every one looks at you weird Mare_nubium
...you actuallytry what the person below said Trapped_in_guord
...you suddenly have a great idea wich involves pineapples and your school. Phade
...you actually succeed in holding a conversation with an inanimate object. Phade
...You start seeing pink spots on the walls after wishing for a magic talent. Phade
...you try to explain to your friends that paradox is really supposed to be spelled pair of docks. D.flect
...visit this page to read the messages every time you're feeling sad that another Xanth book hasn't come out yet. D.flect
...you think you hear a bleep whenever somebody swears Trapped_in_guord
...you try to grow your house out of wall nuts ad cottage cheese Trapped_in_guord
...you hear a twister is comig and you expect to see everything twisted like a pretzel Trapped_in_guord
...you look for the breadfruit and eye scream aisles at the supermarket Trapped_in_guord
...you never go near a weeping willow (a.k.a. tangle tree) Trapped_in_guord
...you start calling people names like "Ivy" or "Dor" because of similarities. Hermanthehermit
...you hope that when you travel to florida that you accidently end up in Xanth Rebornstubborn
...you twist all of your conversations so they somehow relate to Xanth Hermanthehermit
...You want to be born in Xanth
... you wish really hard that you had a magic talent, so hard it might come true!!? God_dess_of_fire
...You fall in love with Electra Sor
... You go exploring in a jungle to find a mind-vine Hjp
All your Dungeons & Dragons cantain some sort of Xanthian twist in the story Burfrio
...whenever you are sick you think it's your magic talent and try to deliver it to Ralph (from Zombie Lover) Laugha_bull
...Try to sneak a peek at the color of every girls panties...
...you live in florida for 8 years searching for a way in to xanth
...you expect to find your magic talent any day now... Talentmaker
...whenever you have a nightmare you wake up quickly and look around for one to ride Laugha_bull
...you make up imaginary games in which you (a dreary Mundanian) are a main character in Xanth Laugha_bull
...you are so depressed when you finish reading a Xanth Book that you mope around for days Laugha_bull
...You speak in puns even when ur asleep! Faeridust5481
you start throwing away change thinking it is useless Cynthia
...you start talking in puns at work Me1woodygal
u have no qualms about seeina dame naked, but avert your eyes from panties!!! John cena
... start calling things mundanian, and can't stand pies that are baked in an oven. Robster639
...you tell people that repunzel didn't really have long hair, she just could just lengthen it. Robster639
all you can do is suffer over how many puns you have thought up and how Piers will probably never see them! Zyrn
...you tell your teacher that gravity is just a leak off the body of Demon Earth Peter_the_wolf
...you start using puns and expecting them to come true... Varian
...you start refering to your friends by the names of xanth characters (ie: jenny elf, bink, iris, irene, dor, ect..) Tandy
...you go to florida expecting to have to pass 3 challenges to get the ansers to the S.S. test Morty440
...you stop hateing puns Morty440
...you run sreaming when the waiter brings eye scream sunday with a cherry on top Morty440
...you name your children for people of xanthine decent Morty440
... you date your blog Xanthian-style (Jamboree, FeBlueBerry, etc) Artemesiak
...you ask your crush if you embarassed her like a Brassy Terinn
...you go to the mountains to listen to rock music Mordu
...you apologize...Gourd Style Isenet
you name your house ghost Millie. Elfers
...you go around kissing computer mouses Elfers
... Elfers
you pass out every time you see a pair of panties Vanring
...tell your door "oh come on you know me,please let me in" The_dude
...someone offers you some pecan pie and you tell them their sick The_dude
...you runaway from planes The_dude
...you go to the site in florida and kiss the ground where castle roogna should be The_dude
...you figure out how to translate the crazy Mundanian language. Kelsie_human
...you are going out on a grand adventure so you arm your self with pineapples and cherries. Kelsie_human
..you start planting potato chips and pies. Jello
...(added to previous) "Thank you Mare Imbri!" Jenny elf
...You search for Night Mare hoofprints every time you have a bad dream, and when you find them, lay wide awake so that they can't give you any more bad dreams. And when you have a nice daydream, you turn around, think you see a flick of air, and say, "T Jenny elf
...you fly to florida and get lost in the swamps hoping to run into a tangle tree. Jason
...you cry out of happiness when you see how long the YKYLXW page has gotten recently. Spader
...you ask the GM where the Xanth to Mundania connection is. Kirsybuu
...you make a "You know you Love Xanth when..." webpage Kirsybuu
...m Kirsybuu
...laugh hysterically while listening to "Because" by the Beatles Kelsie_human
...you acquire a little thing I call "pundar" Kelsie_human
...you want your computer (Com-Pewter), to change reality so you won't have to clean your room and your mom will change her mind Jenny elf
...when your conputer trys to take over Heaven heart
...you tell your health teacher that you can't violate the Adult Conspiracy because you're underage Jenny elf
...you tell your friends to watch out for tangle trees on the way to centaur school Jenny elf
...you find a nickel and expect it to attack, thinking it's a nickelpede Jenny elf
...you look at your orange cat and expect him to go off at the speed of Sammy to look for something Jenny elf
...You try to talk to inanimate objects, expecting them to answer you Nada~naga
...You check xanthians online more than the time of day. Balthorus
...you laugh insanely at every YKYLXW... Hgyfi2
...you are sad enough to join this site and post an entry Safria
...you forget how to spell the months correctly.. like marsh... Beeroogna
...it starts raining on a nice day, and you look up to the sky and start apologizing for calling it pathetic. Robster639
...you start talking to the com-pewter and expect your mouse to turn into a real mouse. Robster639
...you correct your Greek Mythology class because neither the Gorgon nor the Kraken were evil...but Perseus was Gangrel
...you take a vacation to florida hoping that ull land in Xanth Robster639
...think D' Souza is actually Demon Souza!!! Kid_rock
...see fog, a cloud or smoke and try to walk on it Robster639
...think up talents and how you can explore Xanth with them Traiden
You pretend to be Bink De.fault
...you find yourself talking to xanth characters, even though you know they dont exist Wingedseahorse
...you start trying to hold conversations with youre refrigerator. Naga_gurl_2005
... you endlessly stare at the wall just hoping for a colored spot to appear before you Gabria
...you become paranoid of the mundane wold because there are no litteral puns! Gabria
... u r ignorant w/ mundanian stuff Beeroogna
...you harrass random birds demanding they deliver your baby with a talent Demoness*sire
You wake up in carnavas grass Xanth22
say "filter" but you ment "philter" Phatjake
...The only reason you marry is so you have someone to sort your socks Dolph007
you refuse to answer people's questions without charging them a year?s service, and they have to navigate three challenges to get to you Princess_aurora
you refuse to answer people Princess_aurora
...you go outside and look for a shoe tree De.fault
...you learn more everyday I know that to well. Angel
...you have toast and you look for butterfly's and what the marma laid Demoness*sire
you avoid your computer, for fear it will change your reality D.metria
...Become a member of this fan site and check it daily Wish_i_was_dor
...someone asks you for a date and you give them some fruit D.grossclout
...you search every square inch of the no name key looking for the entrance to xanth. Demoness*sire
...You try to get a cloud to snow by making it mad Dolph007
you try to plant a pie to get a pie tree Dolph007
...you look for hoove marks after a bad dream. Crombie
...You forget an anniversary and blame it on a forget-whorl Grexrell
...feel an uncontrollable urge to drive towards tornadoes Atumnnn
...you start bleepigning dogs, siblings and parents with possible talents if we had been born in Xanth Atumnnn
...you realize kitty litter is not sugar sand Wish_i_was_dor
...you check your watch all the time just to see if it is looking at you Willam
...you continually make typos on these stupid things. Chiaki
you can differentiate between reality and fiction. Chiaki
...you plan to pbleep english in one swell foop W00tster
...you wake up with a fright before you eat something in a dream because you don't want to be trapped in the dream realm for ever. Xanthist
...when someone tells you how you are in denile, you look to see is you are in a large river. Drao
...you staring in holes of a pumpkin Johnc
...when you have something hard between you and the floor Johnc
...you climb mountains to try to find a tree with a bird in it Irenesfan
.you expect to see your cloack or watch start flying away when you are having fun. Drao
...you hear a 'BLEEP!!!' each time someone swears. John cena
...you ask how long ago the bread was plucked fron the tree Marriette
...Puns become a regular occurance in your life Nada naga
...you expect to attend an important wedding when there's a solar eclipse Nyasa
...You see a storm cloud and say "Ha-HA! You can't rain on MY parade, Fatso!" The simurgh
...You start refering to Earth as Mundania Nada naga
...you cry when you see a poor demon/dust devil die out *sob* Dgrossclout
...you stay well away from weeping willows, or should I say Tangle Trees!! haha you've been found out Dgrossclout
...you mistakenly call your boss Fracto. Mcert
...youre convinced that your best friend was a golem once because he is short Axman232000
...you failed a spelling test because you practiced with a rude Bee Axman232000
...you focus all of your energy and concentration at a wall to see if you have a magic talent Darathinas
...you look around for your socks because your wife Sophia Socksorter has gone back to Mundania Foxy
...you need new shoes and look for a shoe-tree Darathinas
...you dig a trench in your back yard and forget it Dgrossclout
...you name your children after characters and expect them to have magic talents Unknown
...you try to grow a house out of cottage cheese. Axman232000
... you say something with a capital letter and expect everyone to know Rcani
...you hear about an earthquake and immediatly start worrying about invisible giants. Axman232000
...when you wake up you search for the nearest hominy tree. Axman232000
...you run away when offered a cherry. Axman232000
...your power goes out and you look for a sunflower. Axman232000
...you throw cherries at your enemies Dmentia
...you start checking trees for pies and bushes for milk. Auroraivy
...you flash your panties at men in order to stun them. Foxy
...you see clumps of dirt lying on the path and you look around for a zombie. Rorybrownbeard
...you yell out D.Metria and expect a Demon to materialize Tanis
...you forget about the huge Chasm that cuts across the middle of Florida. Kingtrent
...you wrap a vine around your head before a test Cobia
...you drink root beer and brace yourself for a hard, swift kick. Rorybrownbeard
...you poke holes in squash at the grocery store and peek in the holes. Nyasa
...you buy new shoes and try to shake out the seeds. Rorybrownbeard
...you buy a can of pop to have a Tsoda Popka fight. Aloron
...your greatest fear is the supermarket: cherries, pineapples, gourds, oh my! Empty
...you take a pie out of the oven and say its fresh from the tree Siam
...you name all your trees Justin Wormy
...you refuse to walk near canyons for fear of dragons Chicoy
...you see your neighbors cat, Sammy, and ask him to find your keys. Ivy
...you buy a dock and name it Pier Anthony. Ivy

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