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      Ever wonder what Xanth character might share a common purpose with you? Find out! This page has a database of over 100 Xanth characters that will be matched up with you according to your personality. Try to answer the questions as truthfully as possible!

This page is not yet complete

Question about physical strength
physical strength rating: 1/10
physical strength rating: 3/10
physical strength rating: 7/10
physical strength rating: 10/10

Question about agely wisdom
agely wisdom rating: 1/10
agely wisdom rating: 3/10
agely wisdom rating: 7/10
agely wisdom rating: 10/10

Question about prolonged temperment
prolonged temperment rating: 1/10 (short fuse)
prolonged temperment rating: 3/10
prolonged temperment rating: 7/10
prolonged temperment rating: 10/10 (good temper)

Question about compassion
compassion rating: 1/10
compassion rating: 3/10
compassion rating: 7/10
compassion rating: 10/10

Question about knowledge
knowledge rating: 1/10
knowledge rating: 3/10
knowledge rating: 7/10
knowledge rating: 10/10

Question about artistic ability
artistic ability rating: 1/10
artistic ability rating: 3/10
artistic ability rating: 7/10
artistic ability rating: 10/10

Question about emotional range
emotional range rating: 1/10
emotional range rating: 3/10
emotional range rating: 7/10
emotional range rating: 10/10

Question about general sexuality
general sexuality rating: 1/10
general sexuality rating: 3/10
general sexuality rating: 7/10
general sexuality rating: 10/10

Question about interest in adventure
interest in adventure rating: 1/10
interest in adventure rating: 3/10
interest in adventure rating: 7/10
interest in adventure rating: 10/10

Question about royal occassion
royal occassion rating: 1/10
royal occassion rating: 3/10
royal occassion rating: 7/10
royal occassion rating: 10/10

Question about curiosity
curiosity rating: 1/10
curiosity rating: 3/10
curiosity rating: 7/10
curiosity rating: 10/10 (very curious)

Question about self discipline
self discipline rating: 1/10 (splurges, ect)
self discipline rating: 3/10
self discipline rating: 7/10
self discipline rating: 10/10 (great will power)

Question about loyalty
loyalty rating: 1/10
loyalty rating: 3/10
loyalty rating: 7/10
loyalty rating: 10/10

Question achievements...
achievement rating: 1/10
achievement rating: 3/10
achievement rating: 7/10
achievement rating: 10/10

Question regarding energy & excitement...
Energy & excitement rating: 1/10
Energy & excitement rating: 3/10
Energy & excitement rating: 7/10
Energy & excitement rating: 10/10

Question regarding your popularity...
Popularity rating: 1/10
Popularity rating: 3/10
Popularity rating: 7/10
Popularity rating: 10/10

Question regarding independence from others...
Independence rating: 1/10
Independence rating: 3/10
Independence rating: 7/10
Independence rating: 10/10

Question about humor.
Serious comment.
Sorta funny
really funny
super duper funny

The good magician has sent some good-natured heroes off on another quest. You happen by them on their way, and they carry with them a magical object of great wealth and power.
They are obviously good people, and I will help them on their quest despite the temptations of wealth and power.
Wealth and Power is just an added bonus to getting to kill good guys... Muhaha!
It could go either way...

You are in need of new clothing, but cant remember if you should visit a clothing store for men or women. Please check if you are male or female... Which are you?
I think I'd rather not disclose that

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