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      Ever wonder what Xanth character might share a common purpose with you? Find out! This page has a database of only 9 Xanth characters that will be matched up with you according to a modest but worthwhile set of questions. We will be adding more Xanth characters for you to be matched up with soon. Try to answer the questions as truthfully as possible!

      We are working on a new version of 'What Xanth Character are You?' with over 100 characters already added to our database! It does not work yet, but you can take a look at it so far here.

A evil magician offers you power beyond your imagination. Would you...
Take it and control all of Xanth
Be cautious and report him to the good magician
Decline his offer... You are happy with your life
You dont need his help to be powerful

What Would you do if you were King of Xanth?
Try as hard as you can and try to do good for Xanth
Accedently Screw up and send Xanth Into a Dark Age
Destroy the Human Kingdom and laugh at them suffering
Count all the bricks in the walls of your Castle and decive them by 180 squared to get the divided quotient of Pi's equivelent around the room to honor your mathematical excellence

A stranger at the door asks for shelter in the night. You...
Have him chop firewood for his lodging
Trade a nights rest with an epic tale
Turn him down and laugh as he wanders away
Pretend you arent home in fear of him

Your father has taken to ill magic and will soon die without a cure. You...
Lay in the grass and watch the stars philosifying
Prepare to take his place as family man
Seek a cure for the evil spell
Seek revenge on the magic caster

You are invited to a royal ball in castle Roogna. What do you do?
Goto the ball if you arent already busy with more important things
Cancel the next week and look for the perfect dress to wear
Dont attend the ball- You are too shy for such things
Sabatage the royal ball and mock the King
Human Royalty does not concern you

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