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       Xanthians Online has collected all the Xanth Games across the web. Flash games have been created personally by Xanthians Online for your pleasure, the downloadable games were once sold retail, but since have been abandoned by their producers, and web games are text only and have minimal interaction. Please disable pop-up blockers before trying to play any games on this site.

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~ The Flash Games are still incomplete

Downloadable Games:

(requires Download & Installation)

Companions of Xanth
Members Only Download

       This is the video game created after the book 'Demons Don't Dream'. It was made back in 1994, but is still incredibly fun to play; especially if you love Xanth! You can find more information about it in our Companions of Xanth Mini Page!

Journey Into Xanth
Download Now

       A Text Based game created in 1993 by Neil Sorenson. Theres lots of very well written story lines, and hours of play. Just extract the zip and open the file 'XANTH.BAT'.

Flash Games:

(requires Flash Player)

Good Magician's Sock Sorting Game
Play Now

       A Flash arcade-style game. Sort your way through 5 areas of the Good Magician's castle to complete this game! Find each sock and launch them into the basket. Each sock is worth 5 points, but you get bonuses for completing each level before the time limit, and for completing all the levels. This game isnt actually complete, but it is very playable.

Fracto's Revenge
Play Now

       A Flash arcade-style game. Avoid the king cloud, Fracto. You are on a magic carpet ride when suddenly Fracto, the irratable cloud, comes to rain on your fun. Avoid Fracto for as long as you can as he uses many techniques to capture and consume you. This game isnt actually complete, but it is very playable.

The Three Challenges
Members Only (requires an account on our database)

       A Flash RPG game. Make your way past 3 punny challenges as you try to enter the good magicians castle. Use your slick knowledge of Xanth to collect items and use them to force your way into the good magician's laboratory. Once you get into his castle, you can even ask him a question! Questions will be answered via email within a week.

Xanth Character Chat
Visit the Character Chatroom Page

       A Flash Online Character Chatroom game. In this chatroom, you can deisign a character just for you! Wander around this RPG style chatroom, and talk to other Xanthians!

Web Games:

(no requirements)

Xanth Wordsearch
View Now

       A Xanth Wordsearch!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

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