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      Ask the Good Magician your question, and you shall recieve an answer. Of course, if you would like your question answered you must first pass 3 challenges. If you fail at these challenges, you will have to start all over again, so be careful!

      Some of the questions and answers have been hidden by Xo Webmasters to keep this main list entertaining and short, would you like to View only Hidden Questions & Answers?

Thanks to Xanthians who have helped with this section:

Attempt to Enter the Castle

10 Newest Questions: (would you like to view all questions?)

Q: "Why is your 5 1/2 wife only a 1/2 u married her no so why shouldnt she just be your 6th thx." Asks Medimayhemchrome.
A: The Good Magician flatly replies, "I cant keep track of it myself... How can we expect some mundane in Florida to keep track of it?" .

Q: " Who has the most powerful magician caliber talent? " inquires Tony, trying to get a good look at the short man hiding behind his kitchen counter.
A: The Good Magician breaks his dentures on a bite of corn, and after a bleeped out words he finally mumbles back: "No single person has the most powerful talent because any talent can be thwarted or reversed by some means." .

Q: Xcalbier boldly approaches the gnome and demands his questions be answered. " (question)What do I do with my life now that I HAVE MOST ALMOST EVERYTHING I LOVE? "
A: The Good Magician flips through his book of answers and replies: "Help improve the lives of others, so that they dont have to bother me." .

Q: " (question)Please, Good Magician, if you would kindly answer my most dumb question,: who do you think has the strongest talent? " asks Infamousmagician after a long journey into the castle.
A: The Good Magician replies in a harsh tone: "I do, why do you think people keep bothering me for information?" .

Q: Nimbysep walks into the Good Magicians laboratory and quickly delivers his question, " (question)GM I am sorry to bother you with this question again, but i am a little impatient, could you tell me where i might find any info on the possible upcoming movie A Spell for Chameleon ? "
A: Peering over a book, the old gnome mumbles "The Mundane version of Com Pewter has a website (without spiders I presume) called Google where you can search for bits of information on pretty much anything. (I assume this Google is the Mundane version of a Good Magician)." .

Q: Will asks the Magician: " What would happen if a the demon X(a/n)th were to drink from a love spring with a unicorn drinking from it as well? "
A: "Do you think the Demon X(a/n)th would be subject to the human weakness of love?" the good magician replies as he shuffles some things around in search of socks.

Q: " What is my magic talent sir, I have read all 33 Xanth novels but have no clue." Asks brant.
A: The Good Magician flatly replies, "Reading the Xanth series doesnt garner you a magic talent." .

Q: " If I truly believe, will I ever develop a magical talent that I can use if I ever find a way to Xanth?" inquires Tinkerbell, trying to get a good look at the short man hiding behind his kitchen counter.
A: The Good Magician breaks his dentures on a bite of corn, and after a bleeped out words he finally mumbles back: "That depends on whether or not youd be willing to go to the lengths to obtain one." .

The above is only the 10 newest questions, would you like to see the rest?

Xanthians Online would like to thank these sites:
Magician Humfreys Castle, XLV˧ Xanth Page

      The sites above have answered questions from fans from the year 2000-2002. Both sites are now inactive, but Xo has picked up the slack with this section!

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