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      Here you can learn of other books, authors, and series similar to Piers Anthony's novels. If you are a member, you can even submit your favorite book, author, or series to be added to this list. If you have submitted a entry, and would like to modify it, email us with your modifications, and we would be glad to change it for you.

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Series: Discworld by Terry PratchettSearch Barnes and Noble
      first book is called 'the color of magic'
       this is the 'only' book series that even competes with xanth in my opinion. its a satire spin on the fantasy world. seriously the only books that have ever in my life made me laugh out loud. the books main characters switch every so often and then return to previous main characters for later books. they are AWSOME. tied for first with xanth in my home sf/f library in which i have 800+ books
Sumited by Humphreys_nephew

Series: Age of Fire Series by E. E. KnightSearch Barnes and Noble
      My second favorite book sereies (after Xanth) it's about a group of dragons, givings a look from their side of life.
Sumited by Con_pewter

Series: The Lightning Thief by Rick RiordanSearch Barnes and Noble
      I love Xanth. These aren't quite as good, and there really isn't. Theyr'e pretty good
Sumited by Coulterjohn1

Book: Piers AnthonySearch Barnes and Noble
      I just have an idea for a character.
       Charlie Alicentaur.
       I hope he gets put in a book. his magic talent is magician caliber, it is the power over electricity.
Sumited by Trojan

Series: the demon ororon by Hakase MizukiSearch Barnes and Noble
      This book series was the first mangas read. I remember I was in borders and went past the manga section. Thats when i saw them and picked up the first book. I stood ther for a little while and I had read through half the book before i knew it. I was enthralled with the books. It is , as i now realize, a supernatural shoujo manga (yes, i am an otaku). I tells the story of a young girl named Chiaki living by her self and one day she picks a n injured man by from the street. When he recurated he tells her he is the demon Ororon king of hell and that he will give her one wish. Chiaki then tells himthat he wants to be with him, always and that he should never leave. throghout the 4 books new friends are made and enemys appear. This i s a series for those who love romance or violence. And when you reach the last book read the opening comments of the translator, it makes you feel nostalgic.
Sumited by Fire_head

Series: The Obsidion Trilogy by Mercedes Lacky and James MallorySearch Barnes and Noble
      A boy name Kellen grows up in a strange city called Armathalia with many magi that use a type of magic called High Magic. But while exploring one day he discovers some strange books, and he is lead in to the mysterious world outside the city. The first book is The Outstretched Shadow, second is To Light a Candle, and third is When Darkness Falls. Try these books they are very good, they may not be full of puns but they have an intensively in-depth story line with magic, fighting, and even demons.
Sumited by Karlant

Book: Enders Game Speaker for the Dead Xenocide by Orson Scott CardSearch Barnes and Noble
      three books but for some odd reason i cant use most punctuation on this sight.
Sumited by Toshi

Book: Tripod Trillogy Search Barnes and Noble
      very good. a four book series
Sumited by Demondang

Series: Dragon Chronicles by Susan FletcherSearch Barnes and Noble
Sumited by Nataru

Series: Wheel of Time by Robert JordanSearch Barnes and Noble
      This might be kind of complicated to some people, but if you can handle it, definitely read the whole series. It's a 12 book series, and all the books are over 800 pages, but it's well worth it. Everything is planned out so well, small things from the first book "The Eye if the World", into, like, book six. He's an amazing author, and although i am a bit afraid of saying this here, better than Piers Anthony. Not that he's not or anything. But if you get a chance, read this series just make sure you don't have anything to do, because it will probably take you a while. The
       thirteenth and final book is coming out soon so be looking for it. Thanks and I hope you at least consider it.
Sumited by Inphernoh

Series: Inheritance Trilogy by Christopher PaoliniSearch Barnes and Noble
      These books are the story of a teenager named Eragon and his dragon, Saphira. They have made a movie out of the first one, which I hated. The movie was bad, but the books are amazing. The third one hasn't come out yet, but I hope it will soon.
Sumited by Bobphil

Series: Kushiel's Legacy by Jacqueline CareySearch Barnes and Noble
      So far this is a Four book series. The first 3 focus on Phedre no Delauney. Phedre is the chosen one of the god Kushiel. Kushiel is the god of pain and justice. Phedre is an anguisette, ie Pain Bearer, or person who takes pleasure in pain. She is chosen to be trained in the ways of the Night Court, ie courtesans. This is an artform among the people of Elua. This love comes from Elua, their main god who's only precept is Love as thou wilt; and Namaah, their god of pleasure. Phedre is trained by Anafiel Delauney the arts of covertcy, and basically is trained to be a great spy. Unfortunately there is another who would USE her, Melisande Sharizai. The Sharizai are of the same bloodline as Kushiel, but they do not enjoy pain like Phedre. As the series progresses, you meet Joscelin Verreuill. A warrior of the Cassiline god. They go through HELL and back to save Melisande's son Imriel. There isn't so much a supernatural aspect to the book, but there is some in the third book. Phedre's long time friend Hyacinthe, the bastard son of a Gypsy, Tsingani in the book. Hycanithe becomes the Master of the Straits, ruler of the ocean near the Three sisters. He has ultimate power, and immortality, but is forever aging still. Phedre promises to free him from the curse. The only way to free him is to find the name of the one god. The fourth book is now presented from Imriel's point of view, and he is also adopted by Phedre and Joscelin. and the fifth is coming out in june. These books are long, and thick. So many may not read them. But, take the time to. Carey's details are not boring, when you have to craft a universe this big, and this full of politics, you gotta rack up the pages. I have enjoyed every single page. PLUS, there are some very exciting scenes, ie love and sex, and painful pleasure. So you may get a little hot and bothered.
Sumited by God_dess_of_fire

Series: Belgariad series by David EddingsSearch Barnes and Noble
Sumited by Draco

Series: The Redwall series by Brian JacquesSearch Barnes and Noble
      lots of personification of rodents sounds weird but think of it as a book of voles and such.
Sumited by Magician-yin

Book: Phule's Company Search Barnes and Noble
      A humorous sci-fi story about Captain Jester, heir to the Phule-Proof Muntions empire, and his soldiers, known as Phule's Company. In the first book of the series, Captain Jester is bleepigned to the Omega Team (I'm not too sure of the title, my memory is fuzzy.) on a remote planet, known for little but a few mining operations. The Omega Team is a collection of liars, thieves, criminals, and horrifyingly bad soldiers, ranging from humans to slugs to boars. Very entertaining, but not as blatently funny as Xanth.
Sumited by Trust

Series: Silverwing Series by Kenneth OppelSearch Barnes and Noble
      I would probably suggest reading the Silverwing trilogy, Silverwing, Sunwing, and Firewing. They are not as good as Xanth (Obviously!) but they are fun to read, and are about a bat named Shade, and then, in Firewing, his son Griffin. They are very good, and I recommend them to anyone who likes suspense and adventure.
Sumited by Jenny elf

Author: Tamora Pierce Search Barnes and Noble
      She writes some really good books. She has 2 main series, that are spread out through many quartets. The series that starts with the Circle of Magic quartet is about 4 kids who have really strong magic. The series that starts with the song of the lionesses quartet has many charecters but is a great series. I dont want to say to much because i always hate spoilers, but people should try to read her books anyway
Sumited by Robster639

Series: The Bartimaeus Trilogy by Jonathan StroudSearch Barnes and Noble
      In England, Magicians rule by sommoning djinni and using them to control the commoners. Nathaniel, a magician in training, is humiliated in public by Simon Lovelace and eventually learns to summon a very powerful djinni named Bartimaeus to get revenge. The three books are about him getting back at Lovelace and foiling his plot(in the 1st), foiling a plot by a government official(the 2nd), and in the end killing the man behind both of the plots and killing the extremely powerful djinni, Nouda, who manipulated that man's plan in favor of the demons. A very good series.
Sumited by Dolph007

Author: Garth Nix Search Barnes and Noble
      He is a good Author with some good series. I recommend the Keys to the Kingdom series, and the Abhoresen Trilogy.
Sumited by Robster639

Author: Terry Brooks Search Barnes and Noble
      He is not as good as Piers Anthony and Xanth, obviously. But he writes some good books. A book a just finished was called Magic Kingdom for Sale. It was pretty good.
Sumited by Robster639

Series: Spellsinger by Alan Dean FosterSearch Barnes and Noble
      Its a fantasy land like Xanth,but with a difference.its funny too with its situations and things.A must read series for every fantasy fan.
Sumited by Kid_rock

Author: Robin Hobb Search Barnes and Noble
      I just picked up a trilogy by this author, and I was stunned when I read them. I couldn't put them down. Robin Hobb is an excellent author. I suggest you read some of her books. The series I finished a few days ago was titled "The Liveship Traders." Some more of her books include the Farseer Trilogy and the the Tawny Man trilogy.
Sumited by Chiaki

Series: The Sword of Truth series by Terry GoodkindSearch Barnes and Noble
      The sword of truth series is definetly one of my favorite series. It is all about the moral struggles of the main characters. I really enjoyed it. I g2g, wish I could write more. Check the series out.
Sumited by Wish_i_was_dor

Series: Graphic Novels Search Barnes and Noble
      This isn't so much a series as a type of book. Graphic novels are Japanese comics, translated into American. They are very action packed and bloody, but good. Some titles are One Piece, Naruto, Beet the Vandel Buster, and Bleach. But there are many more.
Sumited by Dolph007

Author: Philip Pullman Search Barnes and Noble
      This series is about a young girl named Lyra Belacqua and her daemon, Pantalaimon, and the following adventure which ensue. Young Lyra soon discovers a vast amount of parallel worlds, and the origins of "Dust." She meets many interesting characters, and grows as a human. She discovers the meaning of a vast majority of things as she matures through the series. This trilogy is a very graphic and detailed one, full of action, betrayal, love, adventure, parallel worlds, philosophy, religion, and a vast majority of things. I don't want to give much more away, so I am purposely leaving out a large amount of information. The three books included in this series are The Golden Compass (Northern Lights in Britain), The Subtle Knife, and The Amber Spyglass, There is another book that follows the series titled "Lyra's Oxford" that depicts her Oxford, England and is a sort of stepping stone or bridge netween the trilogy and a book not yet to out. I would highly recommend this book for people who are in for a more "dark" kind of fantasy, that mixes some form of "magic" with science. The book also contains a vast amount of different viewpoints that make it an attention grabber.
Sumited by Drao

Author: Jason Dark Search Barnes and Noble
      John Sinclair, an english, middleaged cop, often living an everyday-life, is followed everytime by mysterious happenings. He is an elite-cop, who often has to fight against dark magicans, wichs or satanic groups or things like that. Jason Dark is a genious writer of mistery and horror stories.
Sumited by Johnc

Author: Stephen R. Donaldson Search Barnes and Noble
      Thomas Covenant is an author who at the beginning of the series had just written a best selling novel. After a year of enjoying his success it is found that he has leprosy. After his wife leaves him, taking his only son with her he falls into despair and self hatred. One day he decided to go into town just for some human interaction, uncaring whether it is hatred he faces, he ends up in an accident with a police cruiser. This accident knocks him out and he awakes in a completely different world and reality... Read the series for more!!!
Sumited by Mcert

Series: Amber by Roger ZelaznySearch Barnes and Noble
      A ten-book series about the mystical land of Amber. Although a lot less satire than Xanth, its combination of a deep plot and magic makes it worth reading. These books are the best so read 'em. Trust me, I know. Basically, to sum up the plot without giving anything away, the first book is through Corwin's eyes. Corwin and his brothers, the Princes of Amber, are fighting over who should be king, since their father has long since dissapeared. But in a reality where "shadows" (the infinite amount of parallel worlds) can be sculpted, nothing is as simple as it seems. READ!
Sumited by Spader

Book: Silent Tower by Barbara HamblySearch Barnes and Noble
      Insanity happens, and this books main character is as insane as they come, wit, humor, and a bad habit of 'too good' guessing. Mystery, and 2 more books after it. Have fun
Sumited by D.grossclout

Book: Thanks to My Mother by Schoschana RabinoviciSearch Barnes and Noble
      A very touching and very good novel about a young girl's life during the Holocaust. I know, very un-Xanthish, but it is a great book.
Sumited by Darathinas

Book: Homeless Bird by Gloria WhelanSearch Barnes and Noble
      This is a great book, about an Indian girl named Koly who is wedded to a sickly boy who soon dies and how her life as a widow (and as a future wife) play out. It's not a cheesy book at all, and I love to read it.
Sumited by Darathinas

Series: Hitchhikers Series by Douglass AdamsSearch Barnes and Noble
      The Hitchhikers series is a very funny series of 5 books about a middle aged man who finds out a good friend of his is actually from outer space. Together they leave Earth before it is destroyed, and hitchhike their way across the galaxy, having tons of really halarious adventures. The books are really speeding into popularity recently due to the movie based upon them, which is in theatres 2005.
Sumited by Wormy

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