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      Here is a review of each Xanth book made so far. At this time, things may not be entirely complete... You can help by logging in and pressing the edit button next to each review. Feel free to improve them as much as you can.

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1: A Spell For Chameleon (buy it)
Pages: 352 | Released: 1977

       The first of the Xanth books, it does not yet have as much of the mad puns that come from readers submitting suggestions to Piers Anthony, but makes up for it with a lot of philosophical questions.
      It introduces the magic land of Xanth, in which every citizen needs to have a magic talent or else be exiled to Mundania (ordinary magic-less earth). Bink does not have a talent as far as everyone can see, so to avoid exile he goes to see the Good Magician Humfrey, who can answer all questions but wants a year's service from the querent as payment. The Good Magician tells him that he does have a talent, one of high Magician calibre, but he cannot fathom it. The King does not accept that however and exiles Bink.
      In Mundania he is taken captive by the Evil Magician Trent, who had been exiled twenty years before for trying to usurp the throne of Xanth. Trent is attempting again to takeover Xanth and needs info that Bink can provide. Bink however refuses to turn traitor, and together with Fanchon (Chameleon using a different name), a girl who likes him and had followed him out, they try to stop Trent. Instead they accidentally bring Trent back into Xanth! Lost in the jungles, they have to team up with Trent to find their way to safety. Along the way Bink and Trent duel and discovers the secret of Bink's talent. They eventually find that Trent has reformed, and when the current King dies Trent is given the crown.
      Essay: Man vs Himself Conflict Theory Analysis by Andrew Myers http://xanthians.com/upload/05/2005-06-06_SFCEssay.doc

2: The Source of Magic (buy it)
Pages: 336 | Released: 1979

       Bink has married Chameleon and they are expecting a child, but Chameleon is in a very bad temper as she is afraid that their child may have a talent like hers of changing from smart/ugly and vice-versa. Bink escapes by going off to research the source of Magic in Xanth. He is accompanied by his friends the soldier Crombie, transformed by Trent into a griffin, and Chester Centaur, and Magician Humfrey. Even from before they set off something has been trying to stop them.
      They discover all manner of strange things, such as the Region of Madness, the Magic Dust Village, the Curse Fiends and a vegetarian ogre. Their exploration of the unfamiliar regions often expose them to danger and their unknown enemy who is the mysterious yet powerful brain coral, takes advantage of it to balk them, even to the extent of having Bink accidentally drink from a love stream and fall in love with a nymph, Jewel.
      Then Humfrey and Crombie fall into the hands of that enemy and turn on Bink and Chester. Bink however prevails and the Brain Coral makes a deal with him to show him the souce, thinking that Bink would understand and desist. Bink however releases the Demon X(a/n)th and he departs, taking the magic with him! The land Xanth without magic makes it an extremely mundane place and so Bink goes in search of a way to fix the problem and bumps into Cherry centaur and her young foul Chet who help Bink solve his problem.The Demon however returns later as he finds the surroundings familiar, and Bink and his friends talk him into staying. Bink makes a deal with the demon by fighting a mysterious creature and prevailing.
      All's well that ends well; Crombie marries the nymph, the halt of magic ends spells that they encountered (eg the men turned to stone by the Gorgon), and X(a/n)th grants Bink's son a Magician-calibre talent.

3: Castle Roogna (buy it)
Pages: 336 | Released: 1979

       Dor is only twelve years old, but Millie's talent is already working on him. The future king of Xanth also lacks the physique of his father and is often bullied, especially by Princess Irene as Dor's magic makes the heir to her father's throne. King Trent and Good Magician Humfrey thus send him on a mission 800 years into the past to locate the Zombie Master and obtain from him an elixir that will restore Millie's love, the zombie Jonathan, to life. He goes to the past through a magic tapestry in Castle Roogna, occupying the body of a Mundane barbarian of the Fourth Wave. The spell accidentally takes along with him a nearby spider, Jumper, who proves to be a big help throughout the adventure.
      He meets a young Millie and saves her life. Working together with King Roogna to save Xanth from the Mundane Fourth Wave and the throne from the evil Magician Murphy, they fall in love, but then Millie has to promise to marry the Zombie Master Jonathan to get him to help out too. Millie and the Zombie Master learn to love each other, but she disappears (and later dies) when the jealous Vadne tries to get rid of her to have the Zombie Master for herself. The Zombie Master kills himself, turning into a zombie.
      To stop the goblins and harpies from waging war, Dor sets off the spell that makes people forget the existence of the Gap Chasm. He and Jumper escape its effects just in time, and later leaves with the elixir. Fortunately, the spell causes Millie to forget him as the barbarian she had loved. He restores Jonathan, who turns out to be the Zombie Master himself.

4: Centaur Aisle (buy it)
Pages: 304 | Released: 1982

       A powerful source of magic is threatening the magicians at xanth.....says Humfrey...they must find out who it is..King Trent and Queen Iris goes to a trip to Mundania to establish diplomatic ties but did not return after 2 long weeks...somethings really wrong...as future King, Dor has to take charge of Castle Roogna till he finds out of King Trent..he has to make a move to know where the magic is coming from and how strong this magician is and also to rescue King Trent from Mundania. along with Dor's companions..Arnolde centaur, Smash the ogre, Grundy the golem and Irene they're out for a new adventure...this book is a great story of love, responsibility, trust, loyalty and companionship....a fascinating book it is....its kinda neat to find out why its called,"Centaur Aisle." -BEEROOGNA-

5: Ogre, Ogre (buy it)
Pages: 320 | Released: 1982

       Smash knew all about ogres. After all, despite his having a human mother, Smash was an ogre himself. Ogres were not only huge and horrible ugly, as Smash was; they were also so stupid they could hardly speak, and they spent most of their time fighting, destroying, and eating young girls.
      So what was he doing here wit hseven bleeported females looking to him to guide them and save them? Even in Xanth, where magic made anything possible, why would Tandy the Nymph trust him and seem fond of him? And how could all that high-flown conversation be coming out of his mouth?
      But that, it seemed, was what he got for going to Good Magician Humphrey for an Answer- before he even knew what the Question was!
      Smash ogre is...well...misunderstood. Smash doesn't want to hurt anyone, despite his burly, destructive appearance. Smash hears about the good magician humphrey who can answer any question. He figures that everyone has a question, so should he. He goes to the magician, and as an answer he is sent on a perilous quest with multiple ravishing females. Along the way he learns somthing about himself that he never knew was possible.

6: Night Mare (buy it)
Pages: 320 | Released: 1983

       The Nextwave of barbarian warriors was invading Xanth from the north, ravaging and destroying as they advanced. But Mare Imbrium had her own problems. Ever since she had gained the half soul, the night mare had befun to mishandle her job of delivering bad dreams. Now the Night Stallion dismmised her, exiling her to the day world with the message for King Trent: "Beware the Horseman!"
      She had no idea what tha meant. But that was the way with prophetic warning- nobody could understand them until it was too late.
      Then she met the Horseman. And she discovered that one who would ride a night mare was a master of bit and spur, and not a man to surrender her.
      For teh night mare, it all befan to be a horrible nightmare!
      Who better to save Xanth from a nightmare rather than a Night Mare. Mare Imbrium is cast out of the Night Mare buisness because she retains a soul, and is losing her horror inflicting touch. The Xanth kings are being enchanted one by one and Mare Imbrium is the only one who has any chance of defeating the evil horseman, the one enemy no one seems to be able to confront.

7: Dragon On A Pedestal (buy it)
Pages: 320 | Released: 1983

       After the Nextwave invasion, which is now the Lastwave, everything seems to be ok in Xanth. Dor and Irene are happily married and even have a young daughter, Ivy. Ivys talent is a special one, perhaps Sorceress strength even; she has the power to Enhance -- talents, physical appearance, or even psychological attributes. But she gets lost in the jungles of Xanth, and runs into the dragon from the- the- somewhere, who has has been youthened. Maigician Humfrey was accidentally also youthened, and cannot provide an Answer for Irene. The Forget Spell on the- the- somewhere (oh yeah, the Gap Chasm) is breaking up into whorls and erasing the memory of everyone in their path, including Ivy's. Even worse, wiggles are swarming near where Ivy is wandering. What's a mother to do?

8: Crewel Lye (buy it)
Pages: 320 | Released: 1985

       Jordan has been a ghost for a long time. In fact, hes been a ghost so long that he has forgotten what happened in his life. He remembers some things happening, but not the why. Enter little Ivy, now 5 years old and none-too-happy to have her little brother, Dolph. Ivy is in trouble, once again and for no reason, and has been confined to Castle Roogna as punishment, so her only form of entertainment at the moment is the living tapestry in the castle, so Jordan tells history to entertain her, with amusing results.

9: Golem In The Gears (buy it)
Pages: 336 | Released: 1986

             Grundy the Golem has been on many adventures in Xanth but never by himself, now he is going to be the hero of his own quest. Stanley Steamer, Ivys pet dragon and former Gap Dragon, has been sent somewhere by a magical spell and Ivy wants Grundy to find him. So, aboard his trusty steed, Snortimer, Ivy's monster under the bed, he sets off on his quest.

10: Vale of The Vole (buy it)
Pages: 352 | Released: 1987

       Esk ogre (Smash and Tandy's son) goes on a quest to get rid of the danged D. Metria. He meets up with Chex (winged) centaur (trying to learn how to fly) and Volney Vole (trying to get rid of the demons that messed with the Kiss-mee river and make it curved again. They go help the Voles, but then find that Humphrey and his family are gone. This begins the trilogy that ends in Man from Mundania.

11: Heaven Cent (buy it)
Pages: 340 | Released: 1988

       Dolph decides that castle life is to boring to be stood for any longer. His sister Ivy always bugs him, His parents are soo.. Parental. He decides to go on a quest to find the newly missing Good Magician. Of course he first must get permission from his parent, and in the process gets teamed up with Marrow, an animate skeleton from the gourd. He goes to the magicians castle (obvious starting place) and finds a note involving a skeleton key and heaven cent. He manages to procure the Cent but only after 2 adult women try to sink their hooks into him, 2 betrothals, and a whole lot of larnin'

12: Man From Mundania (buy it)
Pages: 352 | Released: 1989

       A complete mundane recieves a little bit of magic in the mail (so to speak) and goes to Xanth and recieves the suprise of his life (not telling)
      For a bored, young princess of Xanth, there's nothing more exciting than a Quest. Especially when all you do is sit around Castle Roogna. But when Ivy uses the Heaven Cent, it taker her not to the top of Mount Rushmost, where the winged monsters gather, not to the sea where the merfold swim--but to Mundania, a world much like our own (That is, boring). It is here that she meets a young young college student so dull that he doesn't even believe in magic, or princesses, or Xanth.

13: Isle of View (buy it)
Pages: 352 | Released: 1990

       Isle of View (not I love you) is about Che (Chex and Chieron's foal) Being kidnapped (or as Chex puts it, foal napped, as kidnapping is for baby goats) by goblins, a mysterious girl named Jenny and her cat Sammy coming into Xanth through a portal from the World of Two Moons, and Dolph (finally) finding out how to let Electra live, while marrying Nada, with a little extra twist.

14: Question Quest (buy it)
Pages: 368 | Released: 1991

       Question Quest is about the life of Humphrey the grouch. Lacuna goes to ask the Magician Grey a question, but only the real GM could answer it. She goes to Hell in a handbasket and writes Humphrey's life on the wall to help him rescue his five and a half wives so he can get out of Hell and answer her question.

15: The Color of Her Panties (buy it)
Pages: 352 | Released: 1992

       We see London, We see France, We see Mela's underpants. In fact, Gwenny Goblin, Che Centaur and Jenny Elf are just about the only creatures on Xanth who have been spared the sight of Mela Merwoman's undergarments-preoccupied as they are with helping Gwenny beat out her awful half-brother Gobble for chiefship of the goblin horde. But first they must master space and thyme...and find the fabulous egg that sits betweent he Roc and the hard place. While Mela-who would gladly relinquish her oft-viewed undies for a new husband-joins the Adult Conspiracy... and quickly discovers the power of a perfect pair of panties!

16: Demons Dont Dream (buy it)
Pages: 304 | Released: 1993

       Demons don't dream begins a thrilling new Xanth sequence, as a pair of young adventurers play for the highest stakes of all: the future of Xanth-and Earth as well! Drawn into Xanth by a harmless-looking computer game, two young people find themselves competing for a precious prize: Dug, who is beguiled by a beautiful serpent-princess, and Kin who discovers her favorite fantasy realm has suddenly become frighteningly real. In a desperate race against time, Dug and Kim battle their way across the wondrous, perilous land of Xanth, testing their courage against dozens of fearsome obstacles (and their wits against a host of outrageous puns!). But when treacher, danger, and deceit place Xanth itself in peril, Dug and Kim learn that some things are more important than winning or losing.

17: Harpy Thyme (buy it)
Pages: 352 | Released: 1994

       Gloha is the only creature of her kind in all the world of Xanth, the beautiful offspring of the shocking love affair between a harpy and a goblin. As she grew to womanhood, she wondered where she would find the one true love whom she could share her life. So, naturally she sets off to find the Good Magician Humfrey to ask him for an Answer to the riddle of her heart's desire. But humfrey, for mysterious reasons of his own, propels her instead on a perilous quest in search of truth, friendship, and, just possibly, happiness.

18: Geis of The Gargoyle (buy it)
Pages: 342 | Released: 1995

       Since Xanth began, the gargoyles of that magical place have been under a magical compulsion to protect the purity of the Swan Knee River which flows into Xanth from dreary Mundainia. But recently the pollution from the outside world has grown ever greater, and young Gary Gar, latest in a long line of gargoyle guardians, is finding it ever more difficult to fulfill his responsibilitys.
      So Gary does what any sensible Xanth resident with a dire delema would do. He goes to see the Good Magician Humfrey, who sends him on a peculiar quest - to transform himself into human shape, tutor a precocious child with more than her share of wild magical talents, and find a philter which can restore the river to its previous pristine state.

19: Roc and a Hard Place (buy it)
Pages: 344 | Released: 1995

       Seeking a solution to a perplexing personal problem, the delectable Deamoness Metria asks for help from the wise Magician Humfrey. But befor he will help her, she must perform a perilous mission: Rove the length and bredth of Xanth in a search of a suitable jury for the trial of Roxanne Roc - a notably noble and virtuous bird charged with a most improbable offence.

20: Yon Ill Wind (buy it)
Pages: 352 | Released: 1996

       A fickle flux in the fabric of space has allowed a horrendoud hurricane to blast into Xanth, stirring up mischief and madness wherever she goes. Trapped in a preposterous form by a cosmic wager, the Deamon X(A/N)th must join forces with a vexatious vixen named Chlorine to save Xanth from this terrifying and tempestuous threat.
      Their companions on this haphazard quest are a hapless family - Jim and Mary Baldwin, and their two teenaged sons, David and Sean and daugther Karen- gusted into Xanth from the mundane world beyond. Togather they encounter a host of turbulent misadventures as they struggle to keep Xanth from beeing blown off the map forever.

21: Faun and Games (buy it)
Pages: 340 | Released: 1997

       The miraculous and mirth-filled land of Xanth holds many marvels. But now an extraordinairy aspect of this remarkable realm unfolds as young Forrest Faun' quest takes him to a tiny planet hidden in the heart of Xanth. There, with a delightful "day mare" as his constant companion, Forrest will find more marvels than he ever dreamed of.

22: Zombie Lover (buy it)
Pages: 341 | Released: 1998

       Breanna, a beautiful young newcomer to the enchanted land of Xanth, must deal with a distressing delimma. She has unwittingly attracted the effections of King Xeth, ruler of Xanth's Zombies, who yearns to make her Queen of the Undead. Her quest to preserve her innocence, and find her destiny, takes her on an exhilarating excursion packed with perils, puzzles, and piles of puns. Zombie lover will provide a profuseion of macabre merriment for Xanth's many fans

23: Xone of Contention (buy it)
Pages: 376 | Released: 1999

       After a year filled with harrowing advrntures, all Breanna of the Black Wave and her newfound love, Justin Tree, want is a little time to get to know each other better, and explore the wonders of the enchanted land of Xanth.But their incipient idyll is soon shattered by a stunning discovery. A climatic catastrophe is causing a mbleepive meltdown that threatens to inundate the ancient forests of Xanth.
      The only way to avert this dire disaster is to undertake a voyage into the distant mists of the past, to find the moment when this ghastly greenhouse effect began. And the only people who can safely make that journey are those unaffected by Xanth's magic- normal, ordinary humans from our own world.

24: The Dastard (buy it)
Pages: 384 | Released: 1998

       Many malevolent menaces have imperiled the magical land of Xanth in its long and storied history. But none has been as despicably dangerous as the Dastard - a craven miscreant who sold his soul to a detestable demon for the power to erase events. Now the entire future of Xanth is at the mercy of his every whim. Only a young dragon-girl named Becka has the power to stop his devious deeds!
      "Becka was a crossbreed - the daughter of Draco Dragon and a lovely human woman who met, by chance, at a Love Spring. Now fourteen, Becka was beginning to wonder where in Xanth she belonged - on the ground with her mother's people or flying the skies with her father's kind. So she journeyed to the Good Magician Humfrey to discover her True Purpose in life. Much to her astonishment and surprise, the Magician told her that a great Destiny awaited her - one that would affect the future of all Xanth."

25: Swell Foop (buy it)
Pages: 374 | Released: 2001

       A spirited sextet of brave adventurers battles deadly demons in a cosmic game for the future of Xanth.
      Swell Foop, the twenty-fifth volume of Piers Anthony's bestselling Xanth fantasy adventures, is one of the most intricate and intriguing tales in the history of the series.
      A peril of immense gravity -- or rather a lack of gravity -- endangers the enchanted land of Xanth. The Demon Earth, who rules our own world, has mysteriously disappeared. If he stays away too long, the very fabric of the world will unravel, removing the earth's gravitational field, and incidentally, that of Xanth as well.
      It's whispered that an unknown Demon has done the deed. The only weapon that can prevail against such a cosmic being is the instrument known as the Swell Foop. And the only way to handle the Swell Foop is to locate the Six Magical Rings of Xanth.
      By mere chance, six adventurers have been chosen to find the rings: Cynthia Centaur and her mate Che; Breanna of the black Wave and her now-human fiance Justin Tree; Sim, the immortal bird who will one day know all the secrets of the universe; and Jaylin, a young human girl from the Mundane land of Hawaii.

26: Up In A Heaval (buy it)
Pages: 352 | Released: 2002

       An innocent piece of Mundane Snail Mail has provoked the dreaded Demon Jupiter to hurl his Red Spot at the magical land of Xanth. As the dire Dot draws closer, the unwelcome ordeal of saving the enchanted realm falls to Umlaut, and unlikely lad with an unknown past and oan uncertain future.
      With a handful of colorful companions at his side, Umlaut must unravel a high-stakes intergalatci puzzle, uncover the secret of his mysterious past, and learn to understand the urgings of his own heart.

27: Cube Route (buy it)
Pages: 336 | Released: 2003

       In the magical land of Xanth, wishes are far more than mere words. So when a Plain Jane called Cube whispers a wistful wish to be beautiful, she finds herself leading a company of colorful companions on a search for the mysterious Cube Route--a perilous path that leads to danger, adventure, and perhaps her heart's desire as well.
      This book includes tons of allusions to the number 27, which is 3 cubed, 3, and 9, which is 3 squared. These allusions are related to the fact that this is the triolgy of trilogies. The series was meant to be a trilogy, but he kept expanding. This book marks the end of a trilogy of many trilogies. This theme makes the book very unique and is a kind of subplot to the story. It does not affect the actual plot, but is important to the setting of the story.

28: Currant Events (buy it)
Pages: 336 | Released: 2004

       Clio, the muse of history, has a problem connected with the twenty-eighth chronicle of Xanth. When she sits down to write it, she discovers that it has already been written-- and unintelligibly. So the scholarly lady must repair to the real Xanth, where she is sent by the Good Magician Humfrey on a quest for a magical red berry (currant) to save two pocket-sized dragons, Drew and Drusie, who came from one of Princess Ida's moons, who are essential to the environment of Xanth. Why are they essential? Because there is a lack of dragons on the planet Xanth, for some mysterious reason dragons have been disappearing. The big hazard Clio constantly faces is that every time she uses her magic talent (reversing time) she brings her self closer to her untimely young death. Naturally, the quest is successful and Clio finds true love with the magician Sherlock who is a magician over reverse wood and meets a good many of the ongoing characters in the Xanth series.

29: Pet Peeve (buy it)
Pages: 336 | Released: 2005

       A relentless horde of renegade robots has plunged the fate of Xanth into dire peril. All that stands between the enchanted land and the destruction os a most unlikely hero, a moody, mild-mannered goblin named Goody, who must summon all of his courage and determination to overcome this abominable army of automatons.

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